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Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr
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it was amazing
Recommended for: anyone who is tired of smoking, anyone who wants to quit anything

so, i've quite smoking like, i don't know, four times or something.

there was the first time: the halfass try that lasted for about three days (although i didn't admit to myself that i was smoking again for another six months or something, even though i steadily bummed cigarettes off of my coworkers everyday).

then the big time, back in 2002 when i went from being a pack and a half a day smoker to totally over and done using the patch (which i will recommend to each and everyone of you). and i didn't smoke again for a whole year, but i still wanted to and you know, i used to like to drink a lot and that doesn't always make for dandy decision making, so i started socially smoking. and i mean like one or two drags every month or two.

but then i was dating this girl that smoked and we liked to drink and smoke together and, well, it all went down hill. and one day i bought my own pack. for the first time in four years. i hated it! i hated me! i hated not being in control of this thing i hated doing to myself and my body!

i read half of this book one afternoon because the girl had it sitting around since she would always talk about quitting but never did anything to move forward. i only needed to read half. i immediately felt like i never, ever, ever wanted to smoke again.

this book is basically a big mind fuck. i know that it is. i knew it as i was reading it. but it didn't matter, because what it did was give me enough info and enough tools to have me stop, right then, that moment. and not smoke again for a long long time.

not the end of the story though. cuz obviously i started again, and i don't remember how or why or when, but i know i quit again seven months ago and have not looked back and know that this time it will stick because i'm still using what i learned from that book plus more (thanks yoga!). and this time i get it, what was in there, that i really don't want to smoke again and that i don't have to.

so if you really want that monkey off your back, this is a good place to start. you already know all the reasons you want to quit, but you'll learn new ones, and you'll learn ways to think about smoking and quitting, and most importantly, being a NONsmoker that will get your head screwed on straight without guilting you or telling you a bunch of lung cancer statistics or whatever.

and then when you're ready to make that big change, you'll make it. and you'll be done finally. and you can take a big deep breath of freedom.
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message 1: by Paul (new)

Paul please bring me that book, dude. Seriously.

jack oh, man! i don't own it! can you order stuff online? if not let me know and i will buy it and bring it to you before i come.

message 3: by Nomy (new)

Nomy so what exactly is his easy way ? i quit smoking (for the third or fourth time) about six or seven years ago. i still smoke a cigarette (or a few drags) at bars once in a while but so far that has worked for me. there's another thing i'm trying to quit though, and i'm interested about this person's system or philosophy or trick or whatever it is.

jack in short, and i'm not going to do the best job explaining this probably, he sort of helps you self-hypnotize yourself into believing that you are a nonsmoker. like, you just...don't...smoke. you read that over and over and keep telling yourself that until sort of all of a sudden you believe it and see that you don't need to smoke that cigarette because you are nonsmoker, and nonsmokers do not smoke.

yes, i know that sounds too simple, but he does a hell of a job of it. also, he goes over how socially we are pressured to smoke all the time and how we use smoking to fill a void, a place where we feel empty or nervous or scared. seeing for myself how i was using cigarettes as an emotional crutch made me really really angry and made me want to quit immediately. i think that that is true of whatever it is that we're addicted to, whether it is smoking or drinking or hard drugs or behaviors or whatever. we are constantly told by mass media that we are not enough, so we add crap to ourselves that really actually covers up who we in fact are at our deepest level. and then this makes us feel more empty and need more of their bullshit to make us feel "whole." grody cycle, that is.

i don't know. it worked for me. i knew it was a way to brainwash myself, but i don't think there's anything wrong with that. change your mind, change your life. you know?

message 5: by Nomy (new)

Nomy huh. i agree with what you were saying about using habits to fill a void. when i quit smoking it took about a year of me deciding to really think about it every time i smoked a cigarette. i made lists of all the things i hated about smoking (it stinks, it's killing me, it's bad for the environment, it makes me waste my money, it's giving money to people i don't want to support, it's a waste of land, its an abuse of a sacred plant, etc etc etc) and then every time i smoked a cigarette, i would think about the fact that some part of me still didn't care. and i would think about why i didn't care, what the risks are of actually caring about life. slowly, the parts of me that did care got stronger than the parts of me that didn't.

i'm so resistent to brainwashing - i hate feeling tricked, i need to feel like it's an organic process. but i like hearing about what works for people. i can actually see how this method would be helpful once you're at a place where you really know you want to quit. i don't know if i'm totally there with my other addictions right now.

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Jack,
Don't worry, I'll just pick it up when I get back. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I'll be smoking until the end of the school year. You'll see what I mean about the smoking culture in China when you get here. I apologize in advance. Yeah, I hate it and it sucks, but I also realize that there is just too much environmental pressure here. It's a lame excuse, but whatever. I always say whatever I do here doesn't count anyway.

jack paul, i think you should quit when you're ready to quit. but i think what you do there counts. not in the "hey i had a threesome with two hot college students, oh i hope they said 'college,' they did seem kind of young, but who can say what with all the ecstacy we were snorting? funtimes!" kind of what-happens-in-vegas-stays-in-vegas kind of way. but in the "oh my god you have the job of a 60 year old and you're only 30 and you speak a really difficult to learn language fluently and you've traveled all over a part of the world that most of your friends don't know shit about" kind of way.

and did you get my latest email about the cheese?

oh and god, i hope you're not smoking in the house! if so can we please please please open windows! i do not run soley on cigarette fumes as i once did.

jack nomy, i am right there with you on the resistant to brainwashing thing. i can smell bullshit 500 miles away and i hate being told what to do, espescially if it's in a sneaky way. but i think for the purposes of this that i allowed myself to go along for the ride because i really really wanted it to work. and also, i was mostly "brainwashing" myself using his technique. i mean, hey i didn't even finish the book! but the whole what you believe is what happens thing. i put a lot of stock in that. i see that in my own life in that and it holds true for me: my mind creates my reality.

i think that sort of philosophy could help with addictions other than smoking, though i would be curious to see what you think from reading this and if you think his particular little metal loop-de-loop would work with other things...

message 9: by Ladan (new)

Ladan Is it feasible to use the method offered in this book to quit other bad habbits?

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