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Bite Club by Rachel Caine
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Nov 05, 2010

it was amazing

You're killing me here!

I don't want it to end! :'(
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Mina omg! did you read this?

kitty cué No! I wish it hasn't come out, yet! But I fear soon will be the end of my best series EVER!

Dawn I don't want it to end either :( It's my favourite by far.

kitty cué Lol I love this series so much. It makes me even crazier than I'm if that was even possible!
Shane, Claire, Eve, Michaell! Myrin my crazy scientist (I still think he is in love with Claire I don't know why but I do!) Even Oliver and Amelie (I knew since the beginning that he loved her!!)

Natshane I agree with you on Mrynin! So, this is like the last book of the series!??? WTH???!!!!
btw, did you read her Weather Warden series??

Dawn IS this the last book??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
That makes me sad.

Dawn Ok phew!! It's not, I see she's contracted out for 2 more books after this one. yipee!

kitty cué Natshane there are more! like Dawn said! :D Thanksfully! I think I'm gonna die when this series ends. OMG I can't believe it I'm crying for the ending of a series that hasn't happen yet! WHY! RACHEL WRITE MORE BOOKS!
Wather Warden series? No! :( Are there good?!?! Is she the author because I know she haves another series I just forgot the name and I don't know if there good. But judging by the author they will make me as crazy as MV :D

YEah Dawn they are more but I don't want it to end! Please someone tell her to never finish MV!

Natshane @Dawn
Thanks for telling me the great news! Like Karla, I am crying for a series that have yet to end, but two books?? That's too little! Why not make it a twenty?? LOL

As far as I know, she wrote two series, one is MV (which is the best) and another is the Weather Warden series, I think she has over 10 books with that series. But I think it will be a blasting read, though I need time to adjust from the shift from Claire and Shane to new characters. But I'm afraid that if I like her other series, it's as if I am betraying MV! Paranoia much? haha...

Quote from a reviewer 'You would never look at another weather forecast the same again' (paraphrased)
I'm going on the 'hunt' now. HAHAHA!

kitty cué @ Natshane
So you started reading the book already!? I look for the book in Borders they didn't have it! I have to order it online! I will fill the same like I'm betraying MV! :(

I LOVE MV@ :D I'm gonna read the other series anyway! I just got to keep in mind that MV #1 . Lol this reminds me of EDWARS & JACOB that I had to keep in mind that Edwards is #1

Lol! hahaha

Natshane haha! You're funny!
Actually I haven't read them but I was looking at their reviews about the series. Btw, Edward is (UNBELIEVABLY!) my number #2 now, Shane is not a vampire but he is hotter! Haha

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Who wants BITE CLUB before May?? Well you may be in luck! Since Rachel loves her fans so much 2 ARCs are up for grabs at Goodreads! Go enter to win!

Linda Foster I agree!!!!

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