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Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax
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really liked it

Coed education, video games, ritalin, toxins, no role models- oh my!

Trying to raise young MEN in our current culture? What makes a real man? NOT someone who is still living off of his parents of wife so he can lounge around, it seems most people are in agreement upon that... The IQ of young men has been dropping since the 90's, while 'failure to launch' has doubled. Why?

This book gives a lot of food for thought, and is research-based. I am not convinced about the toxins yet (maybe I don't know what to do about that, so I don't want to know!), pretty convinced that coed education is a bad idea (another item to add to the long list of what is wrong with public school in the U.S.). We are already against public school and ritalin, so that wasn't new, although I gained more information about how detrimental they are.

The only thing that I felt I could apply is that video games need to be balanced by thrilling real-life experiences. We have already limited the video games, but our sons are still languishing.

The importance of team competition to young men was also a new and important concept to me.
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Celeste Batchelor Boys Adrift has also opened my eyes to several reasons behind the changes in society that we are seeing. I was a little sketchy on the BPA estrogens as well, but I looked it up and read a lot more about it. We decided to change all of our plastic ware to glass or stainless steel. It is expensive to get rid of all my cheap plastic, but after showing all the research to my husband he was on board.

Video games, and pretty much all electronic entertainment, was another major change in our home as well. People are still languishing over those changes as well. LOL! I think electronic entertainment has replaced conversations and gathering together with real people. It is isolating everyone, so no wonder young men (who seem to gravitate the most to electronic entertainment) are also the ones effected the most.

I hope everyone will read this book, even if you do not have boys.

Jocie I am uncertain what to do about the plastics- the piping in our house is plastic/PVC, so that is what all of our water is going through. I believe it is detrimental (I have seen evidence of abnormally young maturity in girls), I am just at a quandry of how I can do anything. Even if we bought our water, it comes in plastic barrels! He also mentioned that pesticides could be an issue in this area.

We limited video games a long time ago- less than an hour a week. But 'I am bored' still resounds! This book helped me to see that activities involving movement/thrill factor/ team competition should be provided for boys and are a legitimate need. There was one instance sited of a boy who would not stop video games except if in extreme pain to visit the bathroom, briefly to sleep. His parents put him in a football program. He only put up with it at first and wasn't very good at it, but became passionate about improving, and actually stopped playing video games in-season.

This book helped me to see that providing an exciting sport/hobby is as important as setting a limit to activities that provide a false sense of achievement.

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