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Origins by L.J. Smith
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Nov 04, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: 2010, vampire

I am absolutely horribly disappointed in LJ Smith and this book. Horribly!!

Ok, so if you're reading this book, you've read every other book in the VD series. I mean, I have no clue why someone would pick up a series halfway in, so I'll talk like you've read them all.

In the BOOK VD series we've already been given a description of the turning of Stefan and Damon. We know what happened because Stefan himself tells Elena. Both boys fall in love with Katherine, she fakes her death, they kill each other, and because they have her blood they are turned.

This book however gives a COMPLETELY different story. If you've watched the SHOW VD it tells that story.

I'm not sure why in the world LJ decided to change a story that she's already told. It completely ruins me from ever reading one of her books ever again. How can I know what story she'll be telling? I was very much looking forward to the last of the VD: The Return series to come out, but how will I know if it follows the old storyline or the new one?

I would also like to point out that it felt VERY forced the way LJ added in characters from the show: Pearl, Anna, Jonathon, etc. The old VD books made you connect with every character so you knew their importance to the storyline, but this book did not do that in the least. I felt the only person it wanted me to like was Katherine, which ironically is someone we're made to hate in the old books. I ended up LIKING her after this book, which seems rather stupid given how much we're made to hate her in previous (later?) books.

I am thoroughly disappointed with what LJ did to this series, I've lost complete respect for her as an author. Just because CW takes your story and changes it in every way possible (essentially the only similarities being the main characters' names and the fact that it's about vampires) does not mean that you should change your story 6 books in. What the ______ LJ, what the?
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message 1: by Sandy (new)

Sandy the book is not written by l.j smith, i'm just sayin'

Alyssa Calloway I was going to say what Sandy said. this book was written by the writers of the show.

Andrea While yes, it may not have been written by her, her name is on the book. Why would any author endorse such changes in her book and then slap her name on it? What author would slap her name on a book that she didn't even write?

Desirai I think this book was targeted towards people like me. Readers who fell in love with the TV series first and were dying to know more. Unfortunately because I was exposed to the show first I was severely disappointed when I started reading The Vampire Diaries books. Stefan's Diaries however are exactly what I was looking for after being so hooked on the show.

Clacie I think her name is on the book as a legality. I imagine the ppl who wrote it are obligated to include "based on the novels by" on the cover just as they do on the credits on the show. I bet if they didn't do it there would be some kind of plagiarism issue. But yeah, I agree that this non book sucked.

Clacie Ps- the return series follows her original story line but seems as if it went from 1995 to 2009 in a flash. All of sudden everyone has cell phones, texting, & email. That is the only thing I didn't like about it. You should definitely give them a chance. :)

Andrea Thanks Clacie. I actually have always enjoyed the original series. Though the latest has me up in arms.
Have you read the latest news about LJ? Apparently she's been fired from the series. There is a letter from her to fans where she comments that she's never had full control over the series and the latest book was actuall changed by a ghost writer after she submitted it to the publisher. Definitely worth looking up if you haven't heard about it.

Clacie wow, that is interesting! i didn't know!

message 9: by Blaise (new)

Blaise Don't blame LJ Smith, this was demon *I mean* ghostwriters. They took a great series and completely destroyed it. Goodbye Harper/ Alloy, I have seen the blasphemy you commit.

message 10: by Chakara (new)

Chakara LJ doesn't have much control over the series she was hired by the publisher to write the books. She has now been fired and a ghost writer is writing all VD books.

message 11: by XT (new) - added it

XT The show is a million times better. I haven't read this yet, but if it's based on the show then I'm sure it's better than anything LJ wrote. Lol ya she got fired :') I would fire her too if I was the publishers, her vampire diaries books were terrible.

Andrea Christina, you do realize that she wrote what the publisher wanted her to write, right? And the last book was a ghost writer, it wasn't even L.J. When L.J. signed with the publisher it was an agreement that they had to approve what she wrote, and she had to write specific things, she's never had control over the books. So the things that you hate are from the publishers, not L.J.

message 13: by XT (new) - added it

XT Andrea wrote: "Christina, you do realize that she wrote what the publisher wanted her to write, right? And the last book was a ghost writer, it wasn't even L.J. When L.J. signed with the publisher it was an agree..."

She was changing stuff, hence getting fired. Ya.. I know this one was a ghost writer which is why I said I'm sure it's better than anything LJ wrote. I really doubt they told her to make Elena cry every 2 seconds. It was both of them but at least the publishers woke up now.

Marril96 The book is based on the show, so there was no changing of the original book series. It's a prequel to the TV series.

Solveig Sylvestersen It was only the first 4 books LJ wrote the rest are ghostwriters..

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