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Grace by Elizabeth Scott
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Nov 04, 2010

it was amazing

Grace has been raised to be an Angel. In the dystopian society she calls home, her people are battling a dictator. The boys are raised to be Rorys, or soldiers, and the girls are raised to be Angels, or suicide bombers. It’s her job to kill the Minister of Defense (and, obviously, herself and as many others in the room as she can).

This is an amazing book. It’s heartbreaking and terrifying and a little hopeful, too. But mostly, it’s just sad. I say that because it underscores just how much the way we see the world is shaped by what we learn when we’re little. And yes, that’s OBVIOUS and in many ways it’s a good thing, but in many ways it’s not. Because a lot of what we learn isn’t true.

We see others as stereotypes and caricatures, not as people. We refuse to listen to the other side because it’s all lies and propaganda, and besides, we’re right anyway.

So Grace is about overcoming that and how hard it is to get past your own prejudices.

Highly recommended.

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