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Anger is an Energy by John Lydon
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it was amazing

John Lydon a/k/a Johnny Rotten of the great English punk band the Sex Pistols, brings us his second volume of memoirs (the first being "Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs") and boy it is something to read! Like a blunt guy? Like someone with the courage to tell things the way they are? Someone with firm values and opinions he's not afraid to voice, yet who is open to all experiences and attempts to see the positive in the worst of situations? Would you expect that of Johnny Rotten? Sure! But it's also John Lydon is, and he tells his life story with gusto and verve and passion. You can't help but be mesmerized!

From his days in the Sex Pistols to working with his current band, PiL (Public Image Ltd.), Lydon's prose literally rolls down each page at breakneck speed, going from one subject to another with seamless energy. You might not think of Johnny Rotten as well-read, a HUGE book lover, a history buff and, most of all, a totally dedicated husband and father. But that's Lydon - however, Johnny Rotten is still in there, quite firmly. Both personalities pull no punches but they don't do what they do and say to hurt others, they do so because they feel they have something to say that needs to be said. He seems to cover everything from appearing on live TV to current trends in music/rock and roll to the true place of the Pistols in the history of punk, and all the seemingly daft things Lydon's done over the years (cage swimming with sharks for the program "John Lydon's Shark Attack" and hanging with chimpanzees and silver-back gorillas in "John Lydon Goes Ape" - plus he loves the Bee Gees! You'd never guess that one, would you?) I had a lot of respect for Lydon before but I feel even more his intelligence, his wit, his love of life - you feel you'd love to hang out with him at his house in Malibu for a day (but be prepared because he doesn't suffer fools gladly.)

It's that wide streak of unpredictability and openness to all new experiences in Lydon's character that makes him a fun, driving author. He's the antithesis of what you'd think Rotten/Lydon would be. And he'll tell you so - so if you can't take it, this book isn't for you! It's a full on joy to read and it'd be a real shame to miss out on this one. You really don't have to read "Rotten" first to love one of the most refreshing, unpretentious autobiographies to come down the pike in ages. But I'm going to start it now!
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message 1: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Kenner Laura, have you ever considered being a professional book reviewer? You are very good at it!

Lara Andrea wrote: "Laura, have you ever considered being a professional book reviewer? You are very good at it!"

Thank you for the compliment! I mostly write these as "one-offs" and I need to focus a little more and revise them a couple of days after before I post them. So they're pretty spontaneous.

Andrea, I used to review books for the Greensboro and Winston-Salem newspapers years ago, until both papers sacked the the person in charge of the Sunday book reviews in the "Life" section of each publication and began running the (to me) generic syndicated reviews. I'd even gotten my own column in the Greensboro paper, and I was going to review just Civil War books! And you get free books! What isn't there to like about that job? Never mind I got paid next to nothing: that didn't matter. I was getting books and writing creds.

I got ONE column published, then the paper applied the switchblade.

Oh well.

Actually, I've thought through the years that I'd love to somehow do that professionally, and I'm starting a blog today, alongside Selina's blog, which I'm going to devote to film/cinema. If you're interested, I'll post about it on Facebook and you can subscribe. I think you're a follower of Selina's blog, aren't you?

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