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Curse the Dawn by Karen Chance
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Nov 03, 2010

really liked it
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The rest of these books were a solid three-star review for me. They're interesting, sexy, reasonably well-written novels. The fourth novel, Curse the Dawn, is a far better read that the first three. In my opinion. Which is the only opinion that counts because this is my review.

PS. Jon Stewart is funnier.

Curse the Dawn is FUNNY. The rest of the series has definite moments of funniness to them but they don't compare to Curse the Dawn.

However, there are several problems with the series. Chance really just doesn't seem able to balance all of the timelines and contingencies in a way that makes sense. I could give examples but those would also be called spoilers and as we all know, spoilers are bad.

I knew that...
I knew that...

Also, sometimes I think she gets so caught up in the action that she sometimes doesn't quite write things clearly. There were several times where I had to read over a few paragraphs again and again and I still had no clue what had just happened.

Finally, there's one more serious problem with this book and that is that Cassie is a big ho. She has three paranormal hunks hanging. I mean, at least Anita came out and said, "Okay, you know what? I want seventeen boyfriends. So if you don't want to get in the sausage parade then please exit stage left."

Cassie doesn't let Mircea know that she and Pritkin are getting it on. Pritkin knows Mircea and Cassie are involved but it doesn't really bother him and Tomas is clueless but we're not supposed to remember him because he's been conveniently forgotten since a mere mention of him at the beginning of book three.

And what's even weirder is that Cassie never has a single moment of hangup on the fact that she's running around on Mircea. Not even a, "Hey... he's a first level master vampire likely to rip my throat out if he finds out about this... maybe I shouldn't."

The closest she ever gets to a possible guilt trip is when her and Pritkin are about to buck the bronco and he calls it an emergency instead of sex. She agrees thinking that's probably a safer idea. THEN NOTHING MORE!


You know what, I want to live in Cassie Palmer world where I never need bother about manogamy again. Since I'm practically a giant slut, that would work out nicely for me.

Other than these three things, I really enjoy this series and I look forward to the next book coming out... so I can slut it up vicariously!

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Mrs. Badass Warning... do not drink coffee while reading funny reviews. Spitting on one's computer screen is not cool!

Kat Kennedy My apologies to your computer screen, Erika!

Christina LOL! Great review.

You needn't worry about Tomas though, he ends up with another gal in this The Day of the Dead (Cassandra Palmer, #2.5) by Karen Chance short story.

Kat Kennedy Oh! I was wondering why he'd been completely forgotten!

I thought it was weird that one minute Cassie was like, "I need to keep him SAFE!" and three days later she's like, "Tomas who? Mircea... do I know a Tomas?"

I feel so much better now, Christina! Thank you!

He's kind of like that Character in House who was this really nice likable guy. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, he commits suicide for no explainable reason. The cast mourns him for that episode and then... he's never mentioned again...

Christina LOL, yeah, it would be a shame if he went out of the picture like that with no resolution for his story. I felt for him, with the unrequited love for Cassie and all. :)

It's a free story if you want to read it by the way. Chance has put it up on her website. http://www.karenchance.com/books_dayo... ;)

Kat Kennedy *cough* already downloaded it *cough* and is it just me or does the story with Mircea look totally, totally hot...?

I feel guilty having a crush on Pritkin. Not guilty enough to stop, mind you...

So who's your favourite?

message 7: by Christina (last edited Nov 05, 2010 05:56AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Christina Kat wrote: "*cough* already downloaded it *cough* and is it just me or does the story with Mircea look totally, totally hot...?

I feel guilty having a crush on Pritkin. Not guilty enough to stop, mind you......"

::whisting innocently:: Both? LOL.

It normally would be Mircea, since the smooth, seductive types are my favorites, but dammit, Pritkin had to go all sexy and frustrated and angry and sexy in the third one. And a little in the 2nd.

I'd prefer Cassie to be with Pritkin though. But I still think both of them are hot in completely different ways. Does that make sense? So I sympathise with you,trust me. :D

The story with Mircea does look hot...he is undressing after all, which is promising.

Kat Kennedy Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who'd happily take both.

Usually I'd be all for Mircea's type and ignore the underdog Pritkin type but it just doesn't work like that in this novel. Pritkin's too... Hmmmm.... Sorry, can't type it - children might read.

Christina LMAO. Right there with you.

message 10: by Bark (new)

Bark I think I'm giving up on this series. The first three gave me a headache and this one seems to suffer from the same problems. I felt perpetually confused.

Penny Okay, so this whole comment is threaded with spoilers. Consider yourselves warned.

Mircea wouldn't hurt Cassie no matter what. She's Pythia, and technically speaking, she's more pro vamp then she is for the silver circle (or whatever color it is). The vamps have been jonesing for just such an opportunity--to have such access to a pythia. Mircea would never kill Cassie. Or even slap her around a little.

He would, however, kill Pritkin without blinking an eye. But I think that's because Pritkin was such a douche-canoe when the series started more then any other reason. And yeah, there's definitely a jealousy issue there, but whatevs. I'm sure Mircea feels confident in his ability to please a woman in bed.

Tomas? Yeah, I've had him in the back of my mind throughout the series. I keep thinking, but what about Tomas? This became more frequent after their naked time in Faerie. But you know what? Karen Chance wrote a short story about Tomas. It's about his time in Faerie, after Cassie leaves him there. I've neglected to read it because I'd just rather not know.

I'm not going to lie. I favor Pritkin. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, Mircea doesn't even register as a real threat. Not against Pritkin. Pritkin is such an ass, but were I Cassie I'd totally find a way to hit that. And I mean, for the rest of forever. Their friendship alone is so kickass. They're completely honest with one another. For the most part. I like the serious conversations they have, in which they confide in one another. The fencing match was damn sexy. The chase through Paris (or was it Italy. Crap, I totally can't remember but you know what I'm talking about, right?) The catacombs? One of my favorite parts in this whole series. Their banter never fails to amuse. I love Pritkin's dry humor. I love how Cassie can handle herself around him. He doesn't do the controlling over-protective thing Mircea does, which I find so freaking refreshing. And the body exchange pretty much seals the deal as far as I'm concerned. I mean, the fight in which Pritkin kicks all sorts of ass in Cassie's body? Awesome. Cassie waking up with morning wood? Comedic Gold. The "Emergency" was hella sexy. Sucks how they can't seal the deal, you know what I mean? I'm confident they'll find a way though.

Desperado Awesome review, Kat! This is by far my favorite book in the series so far but I admit, I had issues with Cassie turning into a Debbie Ho cake with ho sprinkles as well. It's seriously turning into a love triangle (because really, Tomas has faded into obscurity to the point where he isn't worth mentioning) & I'd hate for a great UF heroine to turn into another homicidal slut with a gun. Here's hoping the problem is resolved in the next book.

BTW, have you seen the cover for the next book? I noticed it today & I like it. It's very "wintery" & the first book where you get a good look at Cassie's face.
Hunt the Moon (Cassandra Palmer, #5) by Karen Chance

♥ Ashleigh ♥  contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad! i totally love this series but man your reviews are so damn funny! i think i just read like 8 in a row and nearly wet myself laughing O_o

Rachel James-scott "Cassie is a ho" is completely hilarious.

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