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Nov 02, 2010

it was amazing
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UPDATE as of 7/15/12

or is it?

Simon Lewis has been cast. ^^

Who's the dude?

Robert Sheehan. Don't look at me, I don't know him. Or do you know him? Good for you.

Personally, I don't give a flying, stinking stool anymore. And I think, this is my last update ever. Unless of course somebody dies or the movie is moved again to another year. But yeah, the film is set to be released on Aug 2014. Pray to the gods they stick to that or I'll send them a stink that will blow their heads off.

UPDATE as of 2/12/12

I've been busy with my blog this past few months and my update was 4 months ago? Yeah that sucks right. But what I'm going to tell you will suck more so suit up guys.

Warm Bodies movie adaptation was pushed back to 2013. It was supposed to be this year at August. I'm sorry to say that it's not gonna happen until next year.

What? What was that? Oh yeah, that has nothing with TMI at all, right? I'm just breaking it to you slowly because I'm kind of numb right now. (Sue me for being melodramatic but that's how I really feel. -_-)

Ok ready? TMI has been dropped by Screen Gems. Hah! You heard that right. The Mortal Instrument is hanging on thin air right now.

Bummer, right?

**Thank you Alice Marvels! (source of this news)
UPDATE as of 10/11/11

I was reading The Lord of The Rings and I seriously have to take a break. Any more talk about Hobbits and Dwarves would really do me in. So I decided to browse the net and I came upon this wonderful site.

Anyway, they were talking about this young man named Tony Oller. They said that he would be perfect as Simon.


I personally do not know anything about Tony but looking at these pictures I could say that he has that Simon-cuteness going on. Plus he's got THE HAIR. *snickers*

But what about Logan Lerman? I know I am asking for the stars but I would really like him as Simon.

But let's get on to the next person, shall we? Presenting: Tyler Blackburn as Magnus Bane.

He looks good, no?

He looks familiar, right? Well, I saw him first on Pretty Little Liars. And I think he exudes that charisma Bane has.

So what do you think? Let me know your say about this in the comment section below.

PS I am sorry if this review is quite becoming a blog. But I am seriously enjoying this so shoot me now.

UPDATE as of 6/2/11

I just died and swallowed my tongue.

Well, not exactly in that order but... really.

I was staring at Clare's blog post and I was looking at this:

[image error]

With the headlines: Jamie Campbell-Bower and casting Jace

I was staring at the picture, rereading and rereading the headline, then I asked myself, "Who's Jace?"

Then it dawned on me that the dude looks like Pettyfer and I realized that Pettyfer is out of MI and Campbell-Bower is in.


Did I just said that I was fine with whoever was cast Jace as long as the movie is continued? I seriously am regretting whatever I've eaten that day.

So to pacify things, Clare said she was delighted with the news. Because while she had no say whatsoever in the casting, she believed that they'd cast the perfect Jace. Even exclaiming the word unfuckingbelievable. Ugh the nerve.

TRIVIA TIME: Did you know that Jamie Campbell-Bower has roles in Twilight and Harry Potter?

(Campbell-Bower as Caius in Newmoon)

(No image is available because I remember that I only saw a glimpse of him on the film. But he played the young Gellert Grindelwald in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1)

And just so you know Jamie Campbell-Bower is already engaged. With no other than Bonnie Wright, the actress who played Ginny Weasly in the movie adaptation of Harry Potter. Such a small world.


Anyhow, I seriously am worried with Pettyfer for Jace camp. They might not just live the day of the premiere.

But who cares, right?

Now that Jace is cast, I wonder who'd play Simon.

OK, I think that's enough excitement or should I say disappointment for the day. I'm going out and will treat myself with a Venti Dark Mocha frap.

Ja ne.

UPDATE as of 4/17/11

I can't believe there is no update whatsoever on the casting of the movie. I mean it's only casting not the end of the world.

Why don't they just cast Tom Felton and Bonnie Wright to play the leads.

BLASPHEMY!!! Ha-ha. But before you attacked me with whatever you're holding right now, I'm pretty sure those who love the book, truly, like deeply in their hearts wouldn't mind Pettyfer not being cast as Jace.

I mean I know how you see him as perfect for the role. Apparently, when I searched for a picture of Jace, I came up with hundreds of photos of Pettyfer, with tiny little captions of Jace Wayland. *sigh* And there's no blame really with his dreamy looks and charismatic smile, he has the very makings of a certain someone: Jace Wayland.

But would it really kill you if he wasn't cast?

This is a shoutout for the producers, directors, screenwriters or whatever ers there are out there: Pick up the pace already. Or are you waiting for the Harry Potter and Breaking Dawn to be released yet? Well I guess, they're quite the competition.

I myself couldn't wait for the final HP but for the other not so much. OK, I'll run now. *shrieks*


After much shrieking and hyperventilating simultaneously, I finally get to type this and share this ginormous news to you. Guess what? What? Guess, people, guess!! I just love this game. XD

OK, *drumrolls* I've heard that Alex Pettyfer was offered the role of Jace Wayland by the people behind the movie adaptation. Isn't that wonderful? o_0 Seriously, do they want girls to start pulling their eyes out and cutting their nipples, if they do not cast Alex as Jace? Seriously!!!


There's a big BUT coming here. The people behind the movie adaptation, namely, Clint Culpepper feels strongly for Alex Pettyfer to play Jace Wayland that if he didn't sign on, the movie may not be continued at all.

I know what you're thinking. Now what?? Alex Pettyfer has lots of commitment right now. For the simple-minded like me, there are only two options: The other one will require much groveling and pleading. And the other option is they could just cast another guy to play the part so the movie can be pushed through.

Oh, the predicament! So what do you think?

logan lerman Pictures, Images and Photos
I know what you are thinking again: What is Logan Lerman doing here?

Make sure you're seated, ladies. Because I don't know if you've heard about this or not but according to Ms. Lily Collins (the one who's goin' to play Clary), Logan Lerman is being thrown in to play Simon.

When I've heard this, I was doing my best head-shrieking for I don't want to wake up anybody in the middle of night. I am not a nail-biter but I might be reduced to that regressive behavior because of this. I even have stitches like I ran a mile.

Seriously!! Logan Lerman and Alex Pettyfer, this is just too much to take. City of Bones, why are you doing this to me?

Mysources: and


I was suprised that I had an additional 4 followers when I opened my Twitter account. Yay me! I was curious because I haven't open my account for like gazillion years but here I am gaining followers. Very insignificant but it's an achievement.

Anyhow, this is not about me and my pathetic Twitter life. This is about City of Bones and the upcoming movie.

I know many people including my fellow GR friends here wants Mr. Alex Pettyfer to play Jace part. But you see Mr. Beast--I mean Alex is having a competition. Who?? Charlie Bewley!

I know you're thinking who the heck is he but don't fret, I'm going to introduce you to him.

Charlie Bewley Pictures, Images and Photos charlie bewley Pictures, Images and Photos
Looks familiar? Well he's a part of the latest movie installment of the *coughs* Twilight saga, Eclipse

Eclipse Pictures, Images and Photos
That's him with his fellow vampires. Imagine him playing Jace, a Shadowhunter extraordinaire. Just saying.

I also did some background check on him:
Age: 29 turning 30 years old this January 25, 2011.
Height: 5'11
Eye Color: blue/grey
Hair Color: Dark blonde/Light Brown
*As per Twitter: Some fans will ‘puke’, ‘not watch that ‘^#%$!”, ‘only accept the Twilight guy as Valentine’, (and on and on and on) if Bewley is cast as Jace.

Moving on, I know Alex Pettyfer from his movies Stormbreaker and Wild Child. He could act and he's hot.

Here are Mr. Alex statistics:
Age: 20 years old
Height: 5'11
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: Blonde
*As per Twitter: Alex Pettyfer fans will – ‘pull out their eye’, ‘cut off their nipples’, ‘quit’, ‘die’, ‘be heartbroken forever’ (and on and on and on) if Alex isn’t cast as Jace

Both are English actors (yum!) and have an uber fan base! And both don't have anything to do with the pre-productions. Ha-ha. But we can still speculate all we want. Maybe, the director or producer or what-not will come across the thousands of discussions like this and listen to us.

So who you think we'll be cast as Jace? Mr. Alex or Mr. Bewley or Mr. Someone? Even I can't wait to find out. Let me hear about what you think or you can post who you think we'll be suited to play Jace.

But if you'll ask me, I'll go for Alex for reasons I'll just keep to moi

*borrowed this section from this site. Thank you very much.
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Quotes Sarah Liked

Cassandra Clare
“Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?'
Jace said, "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself."
..."At least," she said, "you don't have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland."
"Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Cassandra Clare
“Is this the part where you start tearing off strips of your shirt to bind my wounds?"
"If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Cassandra Clare
“Don't." Clary raised a warning hand. "I'm not really in the mood right now."
"That's got to be the first time a girl's ever said that to me," Jace mused.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

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message 1: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Alex Pettyfer is just...he's too...PERFECT. HE SHOULD BE JACE OR ELSE I MIGHT SHAVE MY HAIR. :))

Sarah haha. me thinks too. :)

Julie Oh my effing GOD sarah! thanks for this one >.< i didn't know alex's height is 5'11! nyahaha! not that I'm a giant hahaha

I'll totally go for alex, hello! the other guy's turning 30! and jace's description is so hot and so FRESH no offense to the other guy's fans XD

Julie so his name's charlie bewley hhhhmmmm...

you've watched it too, stormbreaker XD Alex is so cute there, haha martial artist sya dun na sundalo, glimpse lang ang nakita ko sa movie yung napanood ko lang yung tom brown's schooldays XD

thanks for this one sarah ^^

Sarah Sure, Julie. Thanks din sa like. Oo matangkad siya kaya nga sa Wild Child parang sobrang liit ni Roberts e. At ang kyut nya sa Stormbreaker. Ahihi. Kinikilig ako.

Julie hahaha, oo nga batang-bata sa stormbreaker. haven't watched wild child. glimpse lang nakita ko, grabe sexy nya dun.

nga pala, have you watched his movie tormented? grabe yun DX gore/horror sya. nakita ko lang bec of my cousin na mahilig magdownload ng movies. hindi ko nakayanan kasi ew blood-spattering everywhere ang dating eh mahina ako sa ganun, tas ang sexy and mature ng role nya dun... thought you might wanna know ^^ kasi alex avid fan karin haha

Julie hey, i really appreciate your informative review ^^ welcome and thanks as well!

Joyzi I love Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joyzi Alex is much more sexy and hot and gorgeous. He's like God you know


sorry I'm spazzing *too much coffee*

Dreanda Instantly I knew that Alex would fit the part for Jace better! I don't see how Charlie can even be considered. No thanks!

Julie @Joyzi: I know that you have this ALEXISM disease! LoL

Julie @Dreanda: I agree, he's way too OLDIE for the role 0_0

Joyzi hahaha yeah right I'm Alex crazy >.<

Sarah @Joyzi: Breathe in, Breathe out. :D

@Julie and Dreanda: Give Alex the role!!!!!!!!!

Julie hahaha! oh yes! shoo away oldie Charlie!!!! :D

Joyzi Yeah go Alex my love hahahaha

Julie supportive girlfriend nyahahah!

Joyzi oo nga no hahahaha natawa naman ako dun *feelingera*

Julie hahaha! okay lang yan! ikaw ang reyna ni Alex sa Fangirls LoL

Sarah haha. oo nga Joyzi! supportive girlfriend. :))

Joyzi Napaka one-way nung relationship namin ako lang ang may alam na kami na, si Alex oblivious pa

Julie hahahahahaha! at least sa lahat ng fangirls ikaw ang no.1! ^^

baka gagawa ang langit ng paraan para maging kayo in the end! lahat ng efforts mo ngayon eh mabibigyan ng credit sometime in the future, pa-asa eh XD

Joyzi lols in my dreams >.<

Julie hahaha, okay lang yan baka mala-adrian yan at dalawin ka sa panaginip ^^

Joyzi Pwede sana meron akong ganung powers in real life, alam mo yung anime na Da Cappo? Meron ding ganung power yung main guy dun

Sarah cool yun. now you can look forward to sleeping. pero pag powers na parang kay Janie sa Wake series wag na lang.

Julie sikat nga yun Joyzi, pero di ko pa napapanood :D

haha, sarah gusto ko din mabasa yun, bakit naman pathetic ba yung bida? ^^

Sarah hindi ok nga yung bida pero katakot powers nya e. daming side effects.

Julie hala, parang Vampire Academy naman :)) cge ma try nga yan hahaha kaso baka after 6 months sa dami ng to read book series ko hehe

Joyzi Oo nga actually gagawing Movie ang Wake Series, si Miley Cyrus si Janie

Julie wwwhhhaaaatttt???!!! hala ayoko pa naman kay miley :(

Joyzi Oo Julie :) search mo sa youtube, miley cyrus wake series, official na ata yan

Julie hala joyzi, :( gusto ko pa naman basahin yung book... tas si miley pa...
hahaha, kung sya na talaga wala narin akong magagawa. cge tignan ko na :D

Joyzi Oo pero madaming positive reviews ang Wake Series e, babasahin ko nga din yun e before ako manood ng movie

Sarah Maganda talaga yung Wake series. :) Kaya sana maayos ang macast na leading actor.

Joyzi Ayun Sarah me favorite vlogger ako sa Youtube na nagrereview din ng books nagulat ako para sa kanya worst book of 2010 ang Wake Series, basahin ko nga yun, nacurious ako ba't di niya nagustuhan

Julie @joyzi: ^^ mukhang maganda nakakapasok pala sya sa dreams. something new to me.
hahaha ayan, i challenge mo na naman sarili mo joyzi
kung pasado ba sayo o hindi hahaha
pero mukha naman syang maganda for me :D

nakita ko na ang daming violent reaction :( ayaw kay miley! hahaha yung clevver tv yung nakita ko hehe

@sarah: yep sana :)

Julie mabuti pa ako nalang ang leading character kesa kay miley nyahaha JK!!! hahahaha XD

Sarah @julie: oo nga. basta hindi si miley. pero sa totoo lang ok lang sakin si miley. Follower kasi talga ako nang Hannah Montana kaya love ko talaga sya noon. ngayon ok na lang sya skin pero hindi ko naman sya hate. ayaw ko lang tlaga sa boses nya.

@joyzi: baka hindi nya natripan yung writing style. medyo imba kasi e. pero original yung story. may kilig factor din.

Julie @sarah: buti ka pa nabasa mo na sya ^^ medyo slow ang progress ko this week kaya eto naka-stuck ako sa blood promise.
ako naman okay yung boses ayoko lang sa personality kasi masyado syang wild baka isipin ng kabataan na cool sya when in fact she's a bad influence after nung vid na nag-du-drugs/marijuana sya ata.
sorry sarah ah hehe sana wag kang magalit sakin ^^

Sarah @julie: Si Janie? Hindi sya nagdadrugs. :)) pero you have to read the book kung bkit gnun. I dont want to be a spoiler. Ay wait nabasa mu na ba?

Medyo slow din ang progress ko. Graceling pa lang natapos ko. 6 books ang nakaset ako basahin this month.

Julie hindi pa sarah hahaha I mean ung nagdu-drugs si miley not the girl from wake hehehe sorry to confuse you :P

haha ako din pal D: kapal ng mukha kong mag set ng 100 books eh hehe

okay naman ba ang graceling? ^^

Sarah @Julie: OO! Swear. Ganda ng Graceling. May ginawa na pala kung review feel free to read. Naks. haha

Aa hindi ba si Janie? haha. si miley nagdadrugs? ewan ko dun. dineny naman nya. sabi nya legal daw yung ginamit nya sa Canada. At therapeutic lang daw ang effect nun.

Julie hahaha naks mahal talaga si miley ^^

okay, thanks sarah, i'll read your's and joyzi's review after ko mabasa ang book, kasama yun sa challenge ko haha :D

Sarah haha. wala lang di ko talaga sya mahate. Pero that doesn't mean na gusto ko yung ginagawa nya. lenient lang talaga ko kasi love ko sya sa Hannah Montana.

Ay ok. Ganun din ako. di ako nagbabasa nang review hangga't di ko pa nababasa yung book. Pero just so you know spoiler free yung akin. :DD

Joyzi @Sarah naku yung mga kapatid ko adik ke Miley dahil sa Hannah Montana, actually kabisado na nila yung dialogues tapos yung kapatid kong lalaki favorite expression niya yung Sweet Niblets ba yun grabe adik talaga

Julie @sarah: wow naman ^^ i agree na lenient ka nga hahaha ako naman pag-girl ang idol ko unforgiving pag nagkamali pero pag guy naman kahit madaming mali lenient din ako :D *bias*

ok, i'll take that in mind :)

@joyzi: nakakatuwa naman yang kapatid mo, ako hindi pako nakakanood ng hannah montana haha

Joyzi @Julie wag mo na panoorin, parang more on pang MG siya e(Middle Grade) 10 years old to 14 years old

Julie @joyzi: hahahaha, nako buti nalang winarn mo ko kasi wala talaga akong ka ide-ideya sa ganyang palabas hahaha nahiya naman ako 21 na magha-hannah montana pa LOLS

Joyzi oo wag na pang mga prepubescent girls lang yun ^^

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