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Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway
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really liked it
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This is totally one of my NEW FAVOURITE contemporaries of ever. I laughed so much! OUT LOUD. I was just cackling like an insane watermelon while I read this and...I couldn't put it down. I read WAY PAST MY BEDTIME. I'm such a little evil rebel. So honestly? For someone who is very dubious and skeptical about contemporaries and yet fell in love with this so so much?! IT IS VERY GOOD AND GO READ IT NOW. THE END.

Haha, I'm just kidding. Do you seriously think that's all I have to say? *collects 24039 pages of notes* Let's get this party started.

So the book is by Emmy, who lost her childhood BFF, Oliver, when his dad kidnapped him. Very sad. They were 7. So he was gone for ten years and Emmy's life kind of paused and was so affected by his kidnapping. But Oliver moved on and had a life with his dad. So when he comes back? STUFF IS FRICTIONOUS. Please do not doubt my use of the word frictionous. It is a word. It is. I thought the book was super interesting because it was hard to figure out who was in the "wrong". And I love that. I LOVE books that acknowledge grey areas.

Oh oh! Oh! We must talk about how hilarious it is. I LOVE TO LAUGH! (Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaa!...and if you're not singing Mary Poppins in your head right now, I'm disappointed in you.) I adore books that make me chuckle. And I have no idea how this book even did it -- balancing such dark themes of loss and moving on, with downright HILARIOUS DIALOGUE. I was the one snorting in my bedroom so loud my dog got up and left. Ahem. The banter is witty and fast and easy and just glorious.

And it's all about FAMILY, too. I mean, obviously it's about friendship and rekindling old relationships and falling a little bit in love...but there's a huge emphasis on what family IS and what it MEANS. Like, Emmy's parents are super uber protective of her. Like, ridiculously so. Which I didn't quite understand. I mean, YES Oliver got kidnapped! But by his dad, right?! So it's not like some predator might pluck Emmy from her parents. But still, I understand in theory the heartache and WHY Emmy's parents would be so over-the-top. So they totally don't let her do anything and she has super strict schedules and aaaall the things. But her parents are still downright awesome. They have SUCH great banter with her! And it's really super sweet to see how much she loves them and how they have a good relationship. A+ FOR EXCELLENT PARENTS IN YA BOOKS, I SAY.

" I'm fiiiine," I say again, suddenly aware that I was whining. "I'm fine," I repeated, trying to sound like an almost college student not a three-year-old. "I just have a lot of schoolwork and Caro and I..."
Both my parents froze with their forks to their mouths. "Caro and you what?" my dad said. "Don't leave us hanging. Caro and I are joining the circus? Caro and I decided to become neurosurgeons? Caro and I have decided to reimburse our parents for the eighteen years' worth of room and board that they've so lovingly provided?"

Oh stahp, being so adorable, Emmy's Parents.

And of course Emmy and Oliver were extremely adorable too. Oliver was a sweetie, and Emmy was slightly awkward and THEY JUST MESHED IT WAS SO CUTE. And they surfed together!! (Lots of surfing in this book!!) And they had hilarious banter and she was there when he was having meltdowns with re-assimilation issues. IT WAS JUST -- GAH! I SHIP IT.

So what can I say?! JUST THAT I LOVED THIS BOOK. It was easy to read, and so entertaining and there were NO dull moments. My only quibble was how it ended. It didn't feel right for the rest of the tone of the book, but it still was a solid ending and it didn't detracted from how much I LOVED the book!! SO I'M JUST GONNA SIT HERE WITH ALL MY FEELS, OKAY?!?
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Rosy YES! so glad you are on board the love train for this one!

Maraia I'm so glad you finally read it!! :D

Ella I just love your reviews, Cait - I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on this book now :)

This fish likes to read Hilarious review Cait..oops I mean watermelon. I hope the books better than the review..

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