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The Pillars of Creation by Terry Goodkind
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Nov 02, 2010

did not like it

I have to stop with the series at this one. After reading a few chapters, it was already getting excruciatingly painful to read. The others didn't get like that until the end. The suffering makes the ending that much more exquisite, but I can't tolerate an entire book of it.

Plus--Richard and Kahlan aren't the main characters?? What's up with that. I can see wanting to get a different perspective, but not the entire book...not for me anyway.

I stopped reading after the first chapter with Oba and decided to check out what I was in for by looking it up on Wiki. That's when I decided not to read any more in the series.

He really started to lose me in Faith of the Fallen when he started to really go off on this Objectivist philosophy of reason vs faith--reason good, faith bad--and you can't have both. Up until that I loved his philosophizing and profound wisdom speeches and themes. The richness and depth is now gone. This new anemic philosophy leaves the story flat and dull.

The joy no longer outweighs the pain.
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message 1: by Zinny (new)

Zinny Hey, I couldn't agree more. What happen to Terry in his real life. Did one if his kids start acting out like Oba? That make him write out these characters life event to set some example?

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