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Enthralled by Keena Kincaid
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Nov 02, 2010

it was amazing
Read from November 02 to December 13, 2010

"Enthralled" is an exhilarating journey through time, blending history and magic, into a powerful love story. Amilia of Ravenglas is sidhe, possessing magical talents that she can barely contain. When she joins William at Carlisle, she's thrown into Eleanor of Aquitaine's dangerous court with hardly any skills to manage. Will love help Ami temper the magic inside that threatens to destroy her world?

The novel takes place in England in 1166 during the reign of Henry and Eleanor, shortly after "Ties that Bind." William and Ami belong to the house of Ravenglas. They were raised to believe they were brother and sister, but both were changelings, children substituted for others. Ami and William are deeply attracted to each other, but hold back.

While at Carlisle, Eleanor puts events in motion that might lead to Henry's death. William and Aedan try to stay ahead of her, but it's not easy, as Eleanor is very crafty - and manipulative.

Ami becomes a lady in waiting to Eleanor and learns that her true brother is Aedan. He tries to school her in her powers, but Ami's magic is different from his. She sees people in shapes of colors, which vary depending on their emotional state. She's also a bit of an elemental, able to create fire and bend the weather to her moods, especially when she is upset.

Eleanor's plan comes close to fruition when the Braose brothers - Geoffrey and Hugh arrive. Despite Ami gaining a reputation as the king's mistress, she's engaged to marry Hugh. In a fit of heated jealousy, William gives into his heart and consummates the love he's shared with Ami. With Eleanor's plan so close to being carried out, will William and Ami's love survive the aftermath?

The plot is full of intrigue and several twists. The reader never quite knows what crafty Eleanor has up her sleeve.

The dialogue captures the authenticity of the time period without weighing down the reader. Kincaid uses a wonderful economy of words to paint a vivid picture of the setting.

William and Ami are intriguing characters, complex, full of faults, yet deliciously human and heroic. William is noble and honest, always trying to do the right thing. Ami strives to strike a balance between her magic, being human, and love.

The supporting cast are delight to follow, and it's refreshing to see how happy ever after has played out for Bran and Aedan.

The novel is sophisticated for romance readers with love scenes that are sensual and emotionally charged.

"Enthralled" will leave you breathless.

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