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Vicious Circle by Mike Carey
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Nov 01, 2010

it was amazing

just have to say wow !! im dyslexic and have now just started to get in to reading properly and i am just hooked now. i was looking for some dark urban fantasy like the show supernatural only more adult and so on and got suggested this series by on of the staff at water-stones and i just have to say im hooked in to reading for life now.
the characters in this series realy drag u in because they don't feel static or fake. they feel more real also because of the language they use and the relevant terms and things said in England. just makes the whole thing more exciting because i can relate :)
futher to this the character felix or fix is just basicly house but who can bust ghosts he is dry cold and cocky through the book making for lots of tense but comical moments thought.
the same can be said for all the other characters as well they all have a fullness to them witch brings them to life and non of them make u want to skip.
a huge part of what makes this series excellent for me is the realness and logic gone in to what makes ghost or supernatural beings as they are like how a zombie is born and how a were being comes from it just makes sence and helps u sink your self in to the world more because u now understand it more and more.
also the way they bind the ghosts and how it works . all of it is just genius !!!
i just have so many good things to say about this writer and also have to say a huge thanx too u have given me a open door in to the world of book and hell its an awesome ride and i just carnt wait for more huge tangled plots that all come together in the end i just ****ing love it !!! book 3 now for me and just can't wait for more.

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