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So Cold the River by Michael Koryta
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Nov 01, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: hated

Oh man, this book was awful. I can't believe I finished it. It would have made a good drinking game if you were reading it at a party, though. You could do a shot whenever a character started a sentence with hell, or used damn as an adjective or said that something "damn near" happened. It wasn't that they were swear words that offended me, it was that there were a MILLION ZILLION of sentences like that. It got to where I had to set the book down and groan at parts to rally myself into plunging ahead to see if the plot paid off.

It did not.

The writing was not only bad, it was lazy. He could have been more descriptive and created better dialog if he'd put any sort of effort into it at all, instead of just going right to, "Hell, it was dark... but it was a damn good one... and he damn near fell off..." I found myself recreating the sentences in my head as I read, to make them more bearable.

In a book that's over 500 pages long, you have to use tricks like that to make yourself get to the end, if that's your goal.

The plot was predictable and forgettable. And then he padded it with meaningless drivel to add thickness between the covers. There were probably about 498 pages of fluff, seriously, Neil Gaiman could have told this story in three pages and made your spine shiver with it, instead of wanting to throw it across the room when you were done.
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11/02/2010 "Oh my God the writing in this book is sooooooo bad. The guy only knows one adjective (damn) and one interjection (hell), but, hell the plot is damn intriguing."
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message 1: by NancyL (new)

NancyL Luckey The title sounds like a romance novel. Any title with the subject at the end is a turn-off for me.

Angelo Haritakis Very harsh, really liked this book. Very clever story.

Rick I'm reading this now and while I'm not overwhelmed, I do not see your criticisms borne out at all. The storyline is imaginative and moved forward at a brisk pace and, as a writer, I did not find the writing bad at all--quite the opposite. I just wonder if you read the same book I'm reading.

message 4: by Rita (last edited Jan 14, 2012 07:56AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Rita Angelo & Rick--these are just my opinions, of course. Tastes run differently and I didn't care for this book for the reasons I stated. I thought the plot line was OK, but I found the writing to be really lazy, like I said. If you guys liked the book and liked the writing, then that's great! Any book that appeals to anyone is a good thing. I didn't care for it.

And I stick by my belief that Gaiman could have told the story way better. Joe Hill could have worked wonders with it too. There are a so many better, more original writers out there to enjoy! Just my opinion, though!

Rick Thanks, Rita. This is what makes Goodreads interesting--the wide variety of opinions on books. I appreciate your being in touch!

Angelo Haritakis Me too!

Cindy Huffman I'm not even half way through this and I'm bored and not at all interested in finding out what happens. I could care less what's in the water, who the guy is in the hospital (is it Lucas or Campbell?...that's how 'far' I'm into this bore). I'm looking for negative reviews because there is NO WAY this thing will improve for me. I don't have time to read things that don't interest me so it's going back to the library. Thanks for helping me validate my decision.

message 8: by Roberta (new) - added it

Roberta Eagleston I agree with Rick. Rita must have been reading different novel. Have no idea where she is reading words that are offensive. Very few swear words and certainly no f bombs

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