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I don't know what to think of this book, because when I first tried to read it about a year ago, I got halfway and didn't really get the hype about the books. When I read it the second time my opinion of it didn't change all that much, there were equally good and bad apsects of the book. Overall, I did think it stood out amongst the YA genre but the plot wasn't anything special other than a few surprises along the line.

A lot of potential lies in the mythology- it is based on real Romanian mythology about 2 races of vampires— one bad- the Strigoi and one good- the Moroi and the human hybrids- the dhampirs who are supposed to protect the good vampires from the evil ones. The variety of races really did intrigue me because it created a whole new world that YA usually never has, the academy itself, the Moroi politics and monarchy system, another pro is the elemental magic that the Moroi possess and the "5th element".

In terms of plot, it was mostly a flatline- the pacing was very slow in the beginning until we got some action in the last couple of chapters. However what I liked was the dark feel around it because usually what YA lacks is an atmosphere of the supernatural, other good parts were definitely but what really put me off was the amount of internal whinging, narcissism that we got from Rose Hathaway.

I don't understand why people call Rose Hathaway a strong, female character- she is not one at all, just because you are a rude bitch that is able to throw a punch or do Kung Fu doesn't make you in anyway an emotionally strong person but rather a physically strong heroine. Jane Eyre is a good example of a strong, female character- but was she one because she could do karate? No. When I read the series, Rose's character definitely goes downhill- her endless flaws are annoying as well as how selfish and hypocritical she is as a person. Her infatuation with Dimitri is unhealthy as she hero-worships and tries to kiss his ass- I've become tired of how many times Rose dearest has repeated the word "badass" and "God" when describing how amazing he is. She is not emotionally strong, at all- she doesn't stand up to Dimitri when he slutshames her and she justs stands there, let's him humilate her and does nothing about it. Whatever happened to a woman being free with her sexuality and standing her own ground at society's double standards? Hmm?

Dimitri on the other hand isn't the God of badassery that Rose makes him out to be, I think I should put him next to Edward Cullen as being one of the most boring love interests ever. He is so very bland, and has no development whatsoever, I fail to understand as to why people think he is an amazing character when he is as shallow as a puddle. Rose rides his dick too hard as well as everyone in the VA!verse- am I supposed to be all starry eyed that he killed Strigoi which is exactly what he's supposed to be doing? He also strikes me off as a dickhead- degrading Rose because she is immature, pushing her away because she is too young for him yet he has no problem checking her body out because her humps bring all the boys to the yard, and almost sleeping with her even though she is 17 and he is 24. Ugh, for fuck's sake is there a statutory rape law in Montana? He is just a sleazy creep who likes to read cowboy novels. The romance between the two is forced and there is no chemistry- more like a telling than showing.

Other characters such as Lissa, Christian, Mason etc, I adored. although Lissa does strike off as a bit weak at first but as the story goes on, she definitely improves- I just wish we saw more of her. Her love interest is a million times more interesting than Dimitri- Christian is charismatic, snarky and mysterious which is why I looked forward to Lissa/Christian interactions because they had a lot of sexual tension and chemistry. Honestly, I'd rather have those two be the centre of the story line than boring russian cowboy and Rose. I've noticed how the secondary characters are a lot more developed than the main ones which was the reason that I kept on reading the rest of the series-otherwise I would have stowed my copy of Vampire Academy away and never look twice at it.

The writing is OK, nothing special- I wanted more description than a simple account. I don't think Ms. Mead has an editor that does their job properly- there were countless grammar errors & typos that did throw me off while reading the book.
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message 1: by June Junebug (last edited Nov 06, 2010 01:57AM) (new) - added it

June Junebug Whoot! Go feminism! I'm still going to read it for the mythology idea, politics, and so that I can chime in on how "female-friendly" the book is. Thanks for your awesome insight!

♔ Leah. Munky wrote: "Whoot! Go feminism! I'm still going to read it for the mythology idea, politics, and so that I can chime in on how "female-friendly" the book is. Thanks for your awesome insight!"

Thank you, darling! ♥ I agree: GO FEMINISM! Aside Rose-- other female characters are much more interesting, especially Lissa who we see a lot of development from as the series goes on. You're free to think whatever you want about it but there are a lot of people here who think that Rose is an amazing character and turn a blind to a list of horrible things she has done and call her strong because she is physically able to do a lot of things as well as being a rude person from time to time... it's just wrong. But I think you'll like the mythology ;) it's a very interesting take.

Thank you so much for your comment! ♥

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Leah, I’m sorry you didn’t like VAMPIRE ACADEMY and that you put yourself through it again a 2nd time. Normally when I don’t like something I don’t attempt to read it again. So I have to give to Kudos for that. I also agree there were “equally good and bad aspects of the book” and that “the plot wasn't anything special other than a few surprises along the way”, but it is clear you have a different opinion of what makes a strong woman a strong woman. When I read VAMPIRE ACADEMY (Book 1) I didn’t think she was strong. Even in FROSTBITE & SHADOW KISS (Book 2 & 3) I thought the same, but I realized she was becoming stronger. By the time I reached LAST SACRAFICE (Book 6) I believed Rose developed into a strong woman. Richelle didn’t want that to happen. She wanted us to believe she was a strong woman throughout the series, but you and me both can agree that’s not what thought. As for Rose’s relationship with Dimitri, all I can do is clear up some things.

People call him a badass because of the # of Strigoi he has killed. I didn’t get this at first. At first I thought like you “but that’s what he’s suppose to do”. Then I realized Strigoi are extremely hard to kill and in there world the more Strigoi you kill means the stronger you are and apparently makes you a badass. I still don’t agree with the badass part, but I do agree that the more Strigoi you kill makes you stronger.

Also I did feel he was being a “dickhead” to Rose most of the time because of the way he acted, but as I continued on in the series I realized something else as well. When he called her immature he meant it, but later on he elaborated. He told her he thinks of her as immature/a child because that’s what she is “a child”. He understands the fact that she’s a child and will say and do things a child does.

Also he was pushing he away because she was to young, but that’s not the only reason. He also did it because of what they are, dhampirs. He mentions numerous times on how their age and how their futures will affect their relationship. They need to be more focused on guarding & protecting people other than there love lives “they come first”. Dimitri likes her (which is why he has no problem checking her out) but he realizes they can’t be together or the consequences could be deadly.

As for them “almost sleeping together” it was because of a lust charm. They couldn’t help it. Yes if they didn’t have feelings for one another it wouldn’t have worked, but they did. They wouldn’t have done that. The lust charm simply boosted their love for one another and that’s why they almost slept together. They weren’t thinking about the future. They weren’t thinking about the here and now. They were just so focused on one another.

message 4: by ♔ Leah. (last edited Feb 10, 2011 10:06AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

♔ Leah. Alaska, thank you for sounding sane and sound with your points :) I don't normally encounter fans that are polite and valid without making a thread into a chain of swear words and bashing. Also thank you for your comment! ♥

To address Rose's characterization; I saw that, yes— she had developed, but I think she only got stronger physically through her encounters with Strigoi. However, her emotional strength was poor and her characterization constantly kept on digressing— she began to use people who cared for her as a stepping stone for gaining her purposes, all for a guy, she knew for how long? A year, perhaps? She didn’t rely on her intelligence, but people and her manipulative ways e.g. using her friendship to make Lissa feel bad about not bringing back Dimitri and using Adrian’s feelings for her to get money.

The thing is, I would accept that argument but what I don’t understand is how Rose, a student who is just barely out of high school has managed to kill more Strigoi than a man who has a reputation for being deadly and is looking after a royal. A couple of molijna marks and a battle tattoo beats 3 molnija marks, in my opinion. I’ve never seen his ability properly in action as a Dhampir and I don’t think it’s that “badass” seeing that a 17 year old managed to beat him with minimum experience so I don’t think he isn’t that commendable.

She was a child but he also kept on saying she was ahead than any of the Dhampirs of her age and even at one point called her mature, yet out of spite, he kept on shunning her for her age just because she was around another guy, Adrian. Note that also, either way, people would have pinpointed the fact that their relationship started whilst they were student/guardian anyway, likewise in Last Sacrifice, and it wasn’t like they were thrown out. He kept pushing her away yet still pursuing something with her, and that is something I do not understand.

I understand your point but the thing is, love and lust are in two separate categories, I cannot deny that there was an attraction, as in a simple crush. But what I don’t understand is how a crush suddenly escalated to love by the end of the book. Maybe I should blame it on the author but I just didn’t think it was right for him to take advantage of a student who had a crush on him.

But, at the end of the day, we all have our own perceptions and we can just agree to disagree. But thanks for your opinion though! ○

message 5: by Tressie (new)

Tressie Lockwood I completely agree with your comments about Christian being much more interesting than Dimitri. Christian was more mysterious and interesting. I didn't like Rose at all. I didn't like her voice. She was too selfish and self-centered. Her obsession with Lissa seemed more like she was in love with her rather than her bodyguard and best friend, which was why her attraction to Dimitri was like a huh? for me. The way their relationship is portrayed seems deliberate but also misleading.

♔ Leah. Tell those co-workers: ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME MENTAL HIV, because the first 3 are good and then the last 2? OBLIVION OF SHIT.

LMFAO, the author has a thing with crap ass titles and none of it makes sense.

♔ Leah. @ Tressie,

Why didn't I reply to your comment? I'm such a twat.

OH MY GOD! My thoughts exactly! I thought that Rose definitely had some underlying unrequited love for Lissa, considering she went out of her way to get rid of Christian who made her happy. I just can't. She was so narcissistic that I was beginning to think she had some psychological issues.

Also, Christian beats Dimitri by far when it comes to interesting— at least I knew Christian wasn't a statue.

Zelda of Unapologetic Reviews I didn't like Dimitri all that much myself, though I don't see anything wrong with their ages. That whole nothing under 18 is so American. I had a bf who was 20 when I was 16, and one that was 24 when I was 18. No one thought anything of either one.

Suélen Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ That's exactly what I think

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