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Catch a Mate by Gena Showalter
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Holy Bitter Betty! Damn, I thought I was jaded and cynical but I've got nothing on this chick! Jillian our leading lady has some serious man-hating issues. Marcus, the leading man who gets to deal with this little ball of joy has his own issues. He so charmingly puts women into three categories: cock teases, cock lovers, and cock haters. Be still my heart! So yeah these are the two main components that are suppose to come together and create a wonderful love fest. Color me surprised when it didn't happen, AT ALL.
Let's take a moment and think back to Susan Elizabeth Phillips and her Chicago Stars series. Now think about one of those stories, any one (I'm hella sure you've read them all because frankly who hasn't, well except the side book about Cal's bro. I haven't read that one but really it shouldn't count as part of the series I say!) and take a moment to sigh wistfully about how a man and a woman can be feisty, snappy, and sarcastically fun with each other. Now while you are lost in awesome sexual tension land add all the hate, bitterness, and vitriol you can to the witty, fun, snarky conversations those leading characters had. Now times all that hate, bitterness, and vitriol by ONE MILLION and you have 97% of the dialogue to Catch a Mate.
To add to this wonderful setting the first half of the book is written in short choppy sentences. Marcus thought this. Marcus thought that. Kyraryker thought UGH!!!
Every time I stepped away from this book it was super hard to pick it back up. All the "I super-duper hate you but oh wait feel this sexual chemistry" was completely exhausting. The dialogue was harsh to my eyes and grating on my ears.
For two over the top jaded cynical people apparently one week is all they need to fall in love, sign over half their business, and move in together with plans to get married. Insane trust issues? Forgetaboutit! Two nights of hot sex cures all!!!!
Jillian's trust issues come about because her dad cheated on her mother and at the end of the book she decides to forgive him. These two pages describing Jillian breaking down and forgiving him were powerful and the only part of the book I respected.
There is a side romance between Jillian's bro Brent and Georgia that I think was suppose to be cute and funny. It was dumb. All the reader sees Brent do is call Georgia everyday and beg her to dump her boyfriend. This man is suppose to have LOVED Georgia forever but all he does is call her; dude it's 2010 put the phone down and try facebook. Geez.
Anyway, I read this book because I saw a lot of wonderful reviews on how funny/witty it was. Bullshit. Just bullshit. I don't believe anyone really liked this book. I almost want to shove this book on friends and be like "read this, read this" (said maniacally) and dare them to say it's good.
This book had lead characters who are extremely cynical, only know each other for a week but still plan to get married, when only until the last 3 chapters or so of the book do they speak civilly to each other (oh excuse me that was foreplay). Oh yeah, and apparently just calling someone everyday is tantamount to a Mecca trip. I've read books before (aforementioned SEP) where the leads are snarky with each other and enjoyed it immensely. The dialogue here wasn't funny or witty to me, just grating. I didn't quite give it a F because before every chapter there were cute/dumb pick up lines that were fun to read; I swear these gave me the energy to keep reading.
Anyway, it turns out that I do like some actual romance in my romance books, so thank you to this book for helping me discover that about myself :)

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