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Found and Lost by Amanda G. Stevens
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it was amazing

As I said in my review of the first book in this series, Seek and Hide, I ask three questions when determining whether a piece of fiction can be labeled “great.” First, does it entertain me? Second, does it make me think? Third, does it make me feel?

As with the first, this sequel deserves a resounding YES to all three questions and I freely label it “great.”

First, it’s entertaining. The suspense starts on page one. Literally. You’re thrown into a situation with high stakes and you have no idea what’s going on, but you can already tell this is going to be big. And with every scene, there’s more to keep you turning the pages. There’s conflict and loyalty and backsliding and progress and tension. As an entertaining tale, it delivers on every level.

Second, again, this made me think. Set in a world where true faith is criminalized and political correctness has become all-powerful, we see Christians of all levels. The devout, willing to withstand any pressure in response to serving God. The questioning and doubting, who feel betrayed by God and bargain with Him in an attempt to make sense of what they’re going through. And those with no real understanding of God at all, who have bought into the lies this world’s government and society has taught them about “tolerance” and love and true faith.

Their experiences bring up many of the same questions as the first book – where are the lines in law and society? Where does God draw the lines? What does God ask of them – of us – when those lines clash with each other?

These questions are not easy ones and the author does not treat them as such. The characters wrestle with them – true wrestling with no certainty for the reader, watching them struggle, of which outcome they will choose. And the reader, too, wrestles long after the last page is read and the cover closed.

And finally, the feelings. Just like last time, I laughed and I cried. I wanted to punch people. I wanted to hug people. I...okay, I admit it, I may have actually yelled out loud at characters. Once. Or twice. Maybe.

But seriously, these characters are real people. Our focus has shifted to Violet and Clay, introduced in this book, but we also see a lot of familiar faces from the last one, too. Primary, secondary, familiar faces or fresh, all the characters feel alive and fully human. They are selfish and petty. They are loyal and devoted. They are all stumbling along in this messed up world so different from and so similar to our own, trying to do right, often failing. They are struggling with questions of faith, of who God is, what He asks, and how they will respond.

And I felt it all with them, every step of the way. Even when I wanted to throttle them for the choices they made, I still understood them. I understood where they were coming from, how easily that could be me, and I felt for them. I felt with them.

Seek and Hide set a high bar; Found and Lost clears it handily. Once again, Amanda Stevens has delivered truly great fiction.

What are you waiting for? Go read it!
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