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Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick
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Oct 30, 2010

it was ok
Recommended for: eh

I just finished this book. It didn't take me too long and am glad because if it would have been a really long book with that kind of ending I would have been really mad. I am a bit mad right now though- i really connected with the character, her situation, and i loved Fred but it was like this: walking all the way across town to the only ice cream place on a really hot summer afternoon, getting there, ordering your ice creams, paying, sitting down, being like wow this ice cream rocks and then having someone come take it and dump it in the garbage. just like that. no finish. no explanation. nothing.

that's how this book felt. what the fuck happened to everyone? what were their reasons? their feelings? why did she do that? could they have kissed some more please? could Alex stop being friends with such a bitch? what the fuck if she talking about in the end? it just didn't make sense.

i think am upset bcus its a story with A LOT of potential. good characters. conflicting plot. mysterious. sad. funny. real. but it's slacking in it's development- and overall feeling/experience.

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