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Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber
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** spoiler alert ** I don't know why this series is called "vampire" kisses as there is not very much that differentiates the vampire characters from the human characters. The only differences between the humans and vampires in this series is the vampires' sun and garlic allergy, their ocassional thirst for human blood, and their need to sleep in a coffin during the day. Basically, the author just refers to old vampire lore when delving into the vampire aspect of the series but doesn't actually bother to elaborate any further on what exactly makes Alexander, his family, and his enemies vampires. None of the vampires, even the "bad" ones, actually feed directly from humans.

Raven, the annoying main character who is just a goth version of the irritating Bella Swan, expresses the same goal of wanting to live "forever" with her vampire boyfriend Alexander. That will be a difficult goal for Raven to make a reality since in this series vampires are born, age, and die just like regular humans. I'd only recommend this series for people that like Twilight.
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