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Oct 29, 2010

liked it

Hmmm I shall go with 3.75 Stars for this first book.

Review coming shortly , just some thoughts that are spilling out of my head. I liked it but it had a fast paced start then kinda slowed then .. I shall have to think more about it. I really enjoyed the start with being Marked and that whole where is this going feeling. Wondering about why she was coughing and sick....Neferet I am ???? her at moment. Appears all good etc...its those kidlets that don't make the change and Neferet, something going on there... hmmmm there is a chapter which leads me to believe that Dark doesn't necessarily mean evil and light doesn't necessarily mean good. Hmmm I have to have a think. I thought there could have been more action. First books sometimes need to set up the story and characters. One minute it was HJ's being mentioned ( I think I don't have to explain that) and then it was lighter read. Darn I have to think about this as I am an older reviewer and I have to admit I did feel that the talk was probably how some teens talked and it seemed more realistic than some teens who are 16 years old in books but act much older with their dialogue. Where as for some reason I felt that the dialogue in this book was more closer to how some teens do chat. The Hj business well...crikey eeekkk I hope not..but ( somebody help me here) I suppose it does happen the chat etc. This was a brave road for mother and daughter team to walk..eeekk!! not sure if I could have sat with my mum and chatted about that etc...well I know I couldn't but then that's how this book is different. I did go OMG when I got to that part. I would like to think that it shouldn't be the most talked about part of the book. I think maybe I was missing some action scenes...Erik seemed a bit flat character for the most part. I've started book 2 so it may improve. A friend loves them so I shall continue as I have them all. Definantly thought it got off to a great start but kinda lagged a bit in the action , more emotion side that I like to have in a YA read. But it's early days in the series for me.
I'm strapped in for the ride so I shall see where this series takes me.
Just some immediate thoughts. Review coming shortly.

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