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White Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison
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Oct 29, 2010

really liked it

Since the last book closed with the death of a major character, I really couldn't wait for this book. I will admit that I had a lot of high expectations for it that were maybe too high. The book is great, but it just doesn't seem to hit the same highs that the previous books did. Much of the book surrounds Rachel whining about this or that, as well as retreads of the same drama we've had in the past. As far as finding out who the killer is, that's actually not the main storyline at all.

The plotline surrounds Rachel trying to uncover what Edden's son Glenn uncovered that was worth putting him in a coma for. He was investigating a suburban family, only to then be violently attacked & left for dead. Rachel's only clue is a banshee's tear & the dissapearance of the banshee who made it. Meanwhile the rest of Rachel's life is falling apart as Ivy is barely holding it together after Kisten's death, Marshall wants to step up their friendly relationship & Al insists on Rachel keeping their Saturday night agreement.

This story was nice, but it really relied on people having read the side stories that Harrison has put out in the past. She does try to incorperate explanations of where people come from, but not enough to where those of us who haven't read anything beyond the main series will catch on quickly. We also get a good look at Robbie, Rachel's brother for the first time... only to have him showcased as a rather unlikable person. Ivy seems to be little more than a thin shadow of her usual self & usually only appears whenever she's required to move the plot along. When one reviewer said that this book felt like filler, they weren't kidding. The book felt like it was more of a vehicle to tie up loose ends that were hanging around than anything else. I'm hopeful that this means that the next book will get around to resolving a few of the other long hanging threads or at least making some serious headway on them. (Especially the Ivy/Rachel tension & the whole pixy mortality storylines. Either poop or get off the pot!)

Still, I enjoyed this book. I did feel like the revelation of Kisten's killer was a little anti-climatic, but I can understand why it was done that way. (semi-spoiler) Sometimes there isn't a big scene where the bad guy gets killed & the heroes get the satisfaction of wiping them out themselves. Just like IRL, sometimes the bad guy gets it before the hero(ine) gives it to them.

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