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Fading Echoes by Erin Hunter
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Oct 29, 2010

it was amazing
Read in December, 2010

i think so far this is a really great storie. its about a cat who finds out she is in the prophecy of the three and has extrodinary powers and super sharp sences.


Dovepaw finds out that the reason they dont have water was because there were beavers blockimg the river. she found out that the beavers were blocking up the stream because she was born in a prophecy and was part of the three cats with extrodinary powers and she could hear and smell stuff from an incredible distance. So she heard them all the way up the river but none of the other cats beleived her.


pg. 278
dovepaw convincees the others that they should check out the river and so 2 cats from each clan go and set off to see wat is blocking the river. they find out that there are beavers up stream and are blocking the river up. now they hav to find a way to break the dam to free the water so that the drout will end in the forest. a great book you should read though you should start on the first book since its confusing if you dont start there. the book is called Bluestars prohecy.
dovepaw and the others fought the beavers and broke the dam but at a cost of loosing one of their clanmates when she fought a beaver. at the end of the book they return home and her sister ivypaw is very jelous little does dovepaw know that her sister has been training with cats from the dark forest and is in deep danger of the cats from the dark forest killing her to seek revenge on clan cats and starclan. thisis a excellent book and i would recomend reading it and a new book after this one just came out a week or two ago

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