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The Potion Diaries by Amy Alward
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I've read my fair share of what I want to call "dark fantasy". You know the books set in realms where everything is kind of like the medieval ages? People travel by horse, everyone is a peasant or a farmer, the royalty is corrupt, assassins run rampant - if they aren't our protagonists - and there is a need for some sort of rebellion. Its fantastic but also kind of depressing. No one seems happy within those realms. The Potion Diaries, however, was fantastically light-hearted, almost whimsical, and managed to be without sacrificing the fast-paced nature of the adventure story it was telling.

The characters were perfect. I loved Sam, our protagonist, who had all the qualities I love in an MC. She was determined, smart but not cocky, she cared about people and she was just sweet. I also loved that she was a homebody and loved books and researching and hot chocolate. She was just a really decent and realistic character.

What caught my attention the most, however, was the plot. I enjoyed every last second of it. It definitely managed the create the right vibe and blended the perfect mix of fun and adventure. I was always kept on my toes, but it certainly wasn't action-packed. It was much more engaging than it was thrilling. There was so much to discover about this world and I simply adored the mixing side to it.

The only problems I had were rather minuscule. The ending was a little too abrupt for my liking. It was over before it really began. I am certainly glad that there is a sequel! I also didn't support the romance wholeheartedly. It was cute, sweet and well just plain old adorable really, but I didn't quite ship it. It needed a little more time, but I think that by the end of the next book it should have had time to strengthen.

Overall? I was very pleasantly surprised by this book and I am eager to pick up both the sequels and whatever else Amy Alward writes.

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