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Jimmy the Hand by Raymond E. Feist
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Oct 29, 2010

it was ok

• Jimmy The Hand (A Riftwar Legend) by Raymond E. Feist & Steve Sterling, Voyager, Harper Collins.
368 pps, 18 Chaps & Epilogue, 110,000 words.
Story based on one of the minor characters from the Riftwar series set on another world and another time, as opposed to Earth. Jimmy is a thief by profession due to being an orphan in a city without welfare care. He performs an act of heroism which makes him the target of the boss of the criminal fraternity and results in him being exiled on threat of death if he returns to the city. He travels with an ex-prostitute to a small town where they pretend he is the half brother of the girl, a niece of one of the well-to-do families. A second string is introduced with a girl in the country and her murdered parents, kidnapped brother and absent sweetheart. And a third string involves the local Baron, his dead wife, kept in this world by bad magic, and his henchmen. The kidnapped boy is one of dozens of stolen children used to keep the Baron’s wife of this world until a ‘cure’ can be found. Ultimately, the country girl’s sweetheart is discovered to be the ideal subject as he is the son of the Baron’s wife by a previous lover. After much derring do and hard times, Jimmy and his wayfaring colleague, with help from the girls and the kidnapped kids, destroy the evil Baron’s plans. The sweetheart becomes the new Baron and Jimmy goes back to the city with a sack of stolen gold. A reasonable tale, reasonably well told, but it didn’t make me keep the book in hand; it was easily put down. OK, but not recommended.

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