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When I Fall by J.  Daniels
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it was amazing

When I Fall was just another utterly phenomenal book by J. Daniels. I loved every single word of this book, and I totally heart me some Reed and Beth something fierce. Those two are kind of the best. Seriously.

This book had everything I've come to love about a book by this author. It was hot as fireworks on the Fourth of July. It had laugh out loud humor and more charm than you can shake a stick at. It also had a outstanding emotional layer to it that gave me all the feels, and connected me immensely to these characters.

I absolutely loved Beth's character. She was real and she just was who she was, and didn't care what anyone thought about it. She was also extremely endearing and my heart just went to her over the course of this book with all that she went through in the past and the present with her family. I loved that girl, and she is a fighter. She has such strength and tenacity that shines in this book in such an extraordinary way.

Now Reed Tennyson stole my heart in this book. I love him. Period. That man was charming, honest, and hot. Very, very hot. I've loved his character since this story began, so getting his story was just fabulous because I finally got the chance to understand why he was the way he was. I was just enraptured by his character the entire time reading this book. My heart also broke for him because of what that man went through and how that in turn affected him. I guarantee that there is no way you won't love his character.

When I Fall is a story about how Reed, the perpetual manwhore with a story that'll break your heart, and Beth, the extremely authentic and tenacious girl who's lived one of the hardest lives around, come together. Things between them start off in a pretty interesting way, but the moment these two meet, the sparks fly off of the page. Their chemistry is out of this world, and all throughout this book it'll have you pulling for the two of them to figure out what it is that's happening.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was how emotional it was. This author creates and gives you so many feelings, as you get to know these characters. Experiencing those feeling and emotions with them will have you loving them almost instantly. You hurt with them, you feel their happiness, you feel their desires and connection, you feel their worries and doubts. You feel everything with them, and that is nothing short of wonderful.

When I Fall also gives you the outstanding opportunity to spend time with the other characters from this series that I loved. Ben, Mia, Luke, and Tessa are all back, along with some new characters that I adored. I loved every word within the fantastic world this author creates and it has me practically dying to move to Alabama as soon as humanly possible. I love seeing how all of these characters interact with one another through their friendships, and it really just makes me love them all to pieces.

When I Fall truly gives you everything. It'll make you smile like a fool, it'll make your heart break and go to these characters, and it'll give you a reading experience that is truly phenomenal. I LOVED everything about this book. This author's writing is seamless and in this book she creates a world and characters that are charming, authentic, and enthralling as all get out.

Simply put, I loved this book and could not put it down. I cannot wait to see what is in store for all of these characters in the future. This is hands down one of my favorite series, and the love I have for these characters and this author's books will never end!
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J.  Daniels
“He’s all over me, kissing like a man who isn’t practiced with this. It’s wild and messy, and so unbelievably perfect. He can’t decide whether he wants to suck on my tongue or bite it. His sounds are unreal, low and throaty, vibrating against my lips. I’m practically in his lap, swallowing him alive. I don’t care how inappropriate I look right now. I don’t care if this building goes up in flames. I’m going to continue kissing . . .”
J. Daniels, When I Fall

J.  Daniels
“I’m still clinging to him like we’re on the Titanic and that bitch is sinking fast, and he’s holding onto me like he wants on that door that we all know would’ve fit more than one person.”
J. Daniels, When I Fall

J.  Daniels
“Love should be unpredictable. I want it to hit me and like, knock me on my ass. And I don’t want it to take me years to realize that’s what I was feeling. I think two to three months is plenty of time, if not sooner.”
J. Daniels, When I Fall

J.  Daniels
“Being a lover of books has its perks. There’s always a story waiting to be read. A hero to fall in love with. A heroine to adore. Sometimes I think I should change genres and actually give the potential men in my life a chance. My expectations of love are dangerously unrealistic.”
J. Daniels, When I Fall

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