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The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
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Oh gosh, where do I even begin? It was just... mind-blowing. Amazing. Insane. Fantastic. Wonderful. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!
I absolutely adored this series from the very first page of the first book, and the entire series was just as awesome. I love the eerie, creepiness of it, the characters, the intricate, brilliant, and terrifying plot, and of course, the romance! The conclusion of the series was filled with all of these wonderful things, and oh, how I just loved it.
Plus all the Harry Potter references were an added bonus that just made me smile.

Throughout the entire series, Jamie has been one of my very favourite characters. He's absolutely hilarious and I just love his relationship with Mara so much. He's so sweet!

And then there's Noah... Oh my gosh, he's just wonderful. I love him, I love him, I love him, I LOVE HIM! *sigh* He's so sweet, and funny, and loving, and caring, and absolutely, positively perfect (for Mara and for me)! I really wish we got to see a bit more of him in this book. I really, really missed him.

And of course, we have Mara. I loved seeing her change throughout the trilogy, even if the change wasn't necessarily... good? I liked how she's such an unreliable narrator, and you don't know if what she's telling you is actually true. It made the story even more complex, confusing (in a good way), and scary.

Now, I didn't really love Stella. It really upset me when (view spoiler)

I've always liked Jude's character a lot and it was great being able to learn more about him. I really wish that he played a larger role in this installment of the trilogy though.
I also enjoyed the development of Dr. Kells throughput this book, but I still don't like her. I don't care what reasoning she had behind actions, she is terrible, terrible person.

Okay, so I did rate this 5 stars, but it wasn't necessarily perfect. The conclusion just wasn't entirely satisfying, which was rather disappointing. It was just too open-ended. I have so many questions that were left unanswered. (view spoiler) Hopefully all of these questions will be answered in the Shaw Chronicles, which I am so, so, so excited for!

I did love the very last few lines of the book. It finally made all of the pieces fall into place and the beginning of the first book made sense. I actually screamed when I read it, I was so excited. That was brilliantly spun together. I love when those kinds of things happen. It's really smart and makes me very, very happy for some reason I don't know, but I love it.

And just as a side note, this was probably my least favourite book in the trilogy, though I still very much enjoyed it. I just liked the first two a little bit better because I found them scarier, and I got more Noah action. Did I mention that I love him? 'Cause I really, really do.

So, in conclusion, READ THIS TRILOGY! It's absolutely fantastic!
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