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Last Man Standing by David Baldacci
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Oct 28, 2010

liked it
bookshelves: mystery-or-horror

What I liked: A 3.5, which is a pretty durn' good thriller in my eyes! Baldacci consistently delivers some good reads; I mean obviously I've read enough of his books, and this one is defintely well-written with some nice twists and turns that were entertaining and kept me coming back for more. Enjoyed the change of pace from cops/detectives to the FBI angle... nice!

My critiques: A few things annoyed me, starting with some antiquated language like "slacks" and called a guy "slick", unless these are common references in Virginia? When I heard these, I felt like the narrator was in his 70s! Also, Baldacci trying to do "street" lingo? ya' Baldacci, but laughable. I'm from Detroit. I'm NOT street, but I've heard it and know it and this is NOT it.. LOL. I also laughed at the gangster named Francis. Francis? Although that might have been just some irony there... And this was definitely a guys-guy book, too much so for my taste. I felt that maybe someone had criticized Baldacci for being too "soft" in some previous book so he said, "Oh yeah? You talkin' to ME?" and wrote this ulta-male book. I could hear the male gutteral grunts, ala Tim Tanner. How many more testosterone-packed references to guns & cars could I get? Too much time spent on the whole creepy oedipal mom fixation there too. Can you say "ew"?? Um, normal teenage boys do NOT dream of travelling the world with their mom. They'd rather be with Vanessa Hudgens. Sounds like a lot of critiques, but I will admit it's easier to pick than to give the good stuff, and this really was a book I liked. Obviously, I looked past the downside here and enjoyed the book :)

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