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Geography Club by Brent Hartinger
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Oct 28, 2010

really liked it
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Once again, I imagine I'm not exactly the target audience for this book and yet it was a thoroughly engrossing read. It's about several gay students in high school who are so afraid of being ostracized for being (they assume) the only gay kids in town that they form a club as a support group... under the guise of being the single most boring club in the history of time so that no other straight kid would ever think of joining and screwing it all up.

The brilliance of the book is that there is very little moralizing. The gay protagonists are hardly perfect. They oppress others just as much as they feel they'd be oppressed were anyone to learn their secret. The author never seems heavy-handed with the whole "don't be mean to gay people" thing. In the end this is really just a well-told story about navigating the social waters of high school (a la "The Breakfast Club" or "Mean Girls") the only difference being that the main characters are gay and thus the couple of obligatory kissing scenes take place between dudes.

Of course the cynical part of me has to wonder how pertinent the story is today outside of any school that isn't parochial or nestled in the Deep South. I ask this honestly: with homosexuality pretty much accepted to the point where you're considered in the minority if you DON'T accept it, are gay kids these days still agonizing over the idea that the other kids in their school might find out? Being so far removed from high school (and any truly homophobic people) for so many years now, I kind of take it for granted that this wouldn't be a major source of bullying anymore. So if anyone (gay, straight or otherwise) DOES know, please for to comment.

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Rory I'd be curious to hear what you think of this....

Rory I guess I would have thought the same thing--except with that wave of teenage deaths this past year due to bullying... And those cases took place all over the country and with different aged kids so there is definitely a need for books like this.

And I wasn't even a huge fan of the book

Brian Hodges This is true. I kind of unplugged from everything current events related soon after the whole Constance thing this year and I guess the little bits and pieces I heard, as much thought as I gave to it at all, I assumed were the result of a few standout d-bags. But yeah, I guess you're right.

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