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The Savior Rises by Christopher C. Payne
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Oct 27, 2010

really liked it
Read from November 02 to 08, 2010

Stefani saw her mother brutally murdered when she was only ten years old. After being sent to live with a foster family, they were killed in a drive-by shooting that has never been solved. Stefani has spent her life training to someday kill the man responsible for destroying her life. Now just a week shy of her twenty-first birthday Dennis has fallen into her life as a protector. After hearing his story, Stefani concludes he’s crazy and leaves him behind. Stefani soon learns, however that the story Dennis related may not be so strange after all.

After suffering two attempts on her life Stefani really listens to Dennis’ tale. He is a gargoyle and gargoyles have been around at least as long as humans. There are two rival clans that have been at war for thousands of years. There is a legend that tells of a Chosen One who will inherit more power than any gargoyle has ever had. The Chosen One will either unite the gargoyles or destroy them all. Dennis and his brother Greg have been at odds for years because Greg left his family and made a deal with their rivals. Greg is also looking for the Chosen One and they both believe Stefani is the key. Stefani was given something by her mother to protect and that something may be a ring that is the source of this great power that the gargoyles are seeking.

While trying to stay alive until her birthday, Stefani encounters Greg, as well as a young police officer named Matt who wants to help her find the answers she is seeking. Through England, Italy and Mexico Stefani becomes even more confused than ever before. Along the way Stefani finds herself waking up repeatedly in a mental hospital and being pumped full of medication. Was it all just the imagination of a traumatized young woman? Are the people helping her really gargoyles or is Stefani merely unstable?

Christopher C. Payne has penned a very good and original story. He gives an excellent back story and character development is well-done. As it is only the first part of a longer story to come, we are given enough to make The Gargoyle Prophecies an enjoyable read but leaves us anticipating more. While I had an issue with the main character “passing out” at various times—too many times—I can see where it may have been a tool to advance certain aspects of the story. Overall I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next installment.
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