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Forging the Future by Mary Calmes
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it was amazing
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Recommended for: Mary Calmes fans; shifter story fans
Read 5 times. Last read August 1, 2018 to August 2, 2018.

** spoiler alert ** 5+ Stars!!!

I enjoyed this so much, I immediately read it again.

This had it all: action, romance, betrayal, hot sex...I think it's by far the best of the series - and that's saying something as I absolutely LOVE this series.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.
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I was both terribly excited and horribly nervous about this story. I love Jin and Logan and the blurb for this did not a good portent make. But, ultimately, I had unshakeable faith in Mary that she wouldn't let me down or leave me without a HEA. (Spoiler: I was right.)

(view spoiler)

I don't understand why they keep messing with Jin. As Crane points out:
“They keep testing you, and for what reason, I do not know. There may be no limit to your power, but certainly, why would we want to push you and find out?”

(view spoiler)

I liked the fact that in the end you know the "bad guys" are all ruined. That they'll all, with the exception of Russ who will be killed quickly in the first challenge, have to live with their actions in misery and hopelessness. Death is too quick for those motherfuckers. The best revenge is they will stew in it for the rest of their lives.

I just loved every part of this. It worked for me in every way. Mary Calmes knocked it out of the park.

P.S.: I can't wait for the audio book.

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ETA 10/9/2015: AVAILABLE ON AUDIO TODAY!!!! Immediate purchase. Booyah!!

Belens Audio Book Review

Once again Sean Crisden does a fantastically entertaining job. I LOVED IT.

As an aside because I'm weird...It's probably only going to be me that will miss Crane's original Muppet voice.

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8.0% "Okay, so Jin has amnesia, but this Semel he's met now knows he's reah. How the hell does he not know that "Jim" is Jin? I can't imagine there are that many mated male reahs...fuck it. I'm going with it. JIN!!"
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16.0% "“You’re Jinnai—Jin, Rain, reah of the tribe of Mafdet.”\n “Rain?”\n “It’s spelled R-A-Y-N-E.”\n \n Hold the phone. These guys supposedly know who Jin is...but not that he's Jin CHURCH?! Why are they hiding his last name???"
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18.0% "“Oh, you do,” she insisted. “You love your family, Jin Church. You very much do.” \n I took a breath because that had sounded really good. “I go by Jin Church?”\n “Yes. For a long time.”\n \n Okay, I feel better now."
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16.0% "“You’re Jinnai—Jin, Rain, reah of the tribe of Mafdet.” “Rain?” “It’s spelled R-A-Y-N-E.” I squinted up at them. “The‘Jin’ is right. I mean… I knew it was something like that, but the Rayne? I don’t—that’s not.” “It is.” But it couldn’t be. It didn’t resonate inside like Jin did."
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22.0% "...he leaned close to me and waggled his eyebrows. “I’m kind of a big deal.” \n I couldn’t help but smile at him; the man was so charming, and it was simply infectious. “Are you?”\n “Oh yes,” he assured me, narrowing his eyes and nodding. “I’m Crane Adams, beset of the reah who’s also a nekhene cat. Once people know you, they know me.”"
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22.0% "“You keep me in line, do you?”\n “I stand at your side and remind you of your humanity when sometimes circumstances make it difficult.”\n “It sounds like you keep me from killing people,” I teased. \n “Sometimes,” he agreed. \n I was startled. “I’ve killed people?”\n “Only when they deserved it,” he explained."
July 4, 2015 –
22.0% "I lunged at him, and he wrapped me up tight, so tight, his head down on my shoulder as he began to tremble. \n A sense of relief swamped me, and even though I had no idea why, I felt safe.\n Crane and Jin BFF!"
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23.0% "It's funny, other people seem surprised at how P, R, and K behave later in the book, but if you read the others (dozens of times like I have) the threads are there. P's constant interference, K's complete flip flopping cheating asshole behavior, and R's disregard for anything and anyone else but himself. \n All the pieces were there. Mary's brought them together brilliantly."
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Renée I'm very nervous along with you!

Renée I wanted to read about the bloodshed of the fuckers! That's the only part I missed.

BWT (Belen) Renee wrote: "I wanted to read about the bloodshed of the fuckers! That's the only part I missed."

I liked the fact that you know they are all ruined. That they'll all (view spoiler) have to live with their actions in misery and hopelessness. Death is too quick for those motherfuckers. The best revenge is they will stew in it for the rest of their lives.

Renée True. I'm just bloodthirsty and wanted to see it on page.

message 5: by Rikanin (new) - added it

Rikanin See my review because really it's more of a rant but I agree I would have liked to SEE them get their come uppance. I many times has Logan said, "I will kill ANYBODY who tries to hurt you" or "...take you away from me"?


And to be honest...(view spoiler)

Heller I read it again as well. :D

BWT (Belen) Heller wrote: "I read it again as well. :D"

It was so good! Both times. I'll definitely read it again and throw it into rotation once the audio book is released.

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