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it was amazing
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Good little girls don’t kill. They die.
And Minya was not a good little girl.

I know a lot of us were expecting Muse of Nightmares to be good, but I have to say, this book actually exceeded my expectations. I have a lump in my throat and I can't stop thinking about it. I usually spend time making detailed notes while reading a book but, at one point, I opened Notes on my computer just to type "oh fucking god, this is so good".

No spoilers, of course. The beginning opens by introducing us to two new characters - Kora and Nova - and their compelling story eventually becomes deeply-entwined with the main plot in ways that were unexpected, thrilling, and sad.

If you are that sort of reader, this is definitely a crying book. There is one scene - you'll know it when you come to it - that was so heartbreakingly emotional that I had to put the book down for a few minutes to organize my feelings. Taylor creates such strong ties between characters that it feels like a physical, painful thing when those ties are broken.

The story at the heart of Muse of Nightmares continues Strange the Dreamer in that it's about discovering the origins of Weep and the floating citadel. What really happened all those years ago? How did five half-human children survive the Carnage and become trapped in a secret prison?

Finding out opens up doors to horrors and, let me tell you-- some parts of this are really creepy.
The little girl thrummed with a dark fervor, eyes big and glazed, breath fast and shallow, skin seeming to crackle with a barely contained energy. In a baleful singsong that sent chills down Sarai’s spine, she said, “You shouldn’t be in here,” and Sarai didn’t know if she meant in the nursery or in the dream, but the words, the tone, seemed to slide into a dance with the unmoored shadows and the thrum, and it was all getting faster and louder, and the shadows were closing in, and a terrible dread stirred in her.

Taylor tells the story in parts, through different perspectives, and these eventually come together to form a whole. The plot and world here are pretty dense, but that made it even more rewarding for me when I discovered how everything was connected. It's such a complex, thoughtful and imaginative plot, quite unlike anything I've ever read before.
When a hundred sets of eyes pin you in place, and all of them see the same thing, how can you not be that thing? The Tizerkane looked at children and saw monsters, and Minya’s darkest self rose to the challenge.

Older characters continue to fascinate, while the new additions bring something fresh and exciting to the story. Minya, for one, is such a fantastic messed-up character, and we get to delve deep inside her mind (literally!) in this book. Cute side relationships between Ruby and Feral, and Calixte and Tzara, offer some much-needed light and happiness, too.

I think, overall, this is just a really great book. It's well-plotted, it's unique, and it's... maybe not the end(?) 🤞

CW: (view spoiler)

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Cristina Guarino Laini Taylor is such a fantastic writer. I'm itching to get my hands on this one!

Emily May Cristina wrote: "Laini Taylor is such a fantastic writer. I'm itching to get my hands on this one!"

Me too! :) :)

message 3: by Abbey (new)

Abbey when does this come out!??? I just finished this today

message 4: by Duaa (new) - added it


message 5: by Carol (new) - added it

Carol NOT FAIR. I am so jealous lol

Michelle Jealous!!!

Kristen Ashley can't wait to hear what you think! Strange The Dreamer was my favourite book of last year.

Ghostbookers Jealous meter 100%

message 9: by Kath Elizabeth (new)

Kath Elizabeth Oh god I'm so excited and so jealous

Quoleena Sbrocca Color me green! Can't wait to read this.

message 11: by L. (new) - added it

L. So excited to read this but also wishing I were you rn

Joanna I'm so happy with this!!

Valerie OMG! I can't wait until October. This book is going to be magical!

message 14: by Sakina (new) - added it

Sakina I am even more excited for this book now!!!

☆ Mira ✷ and it's... maybe not the end(?)


Helena of Sparta ✰ “MAYBE NOT THE END”?!!! HECK, YES!!!

Maryam You mean there is going to be a 3rd book?

Emily May About my last comment: The book is wrapped up pretty well, but the final words leave it open for more stories set in the same universe.

Elena Oh man. Between this and your review for The Wicked King I'm getting overwhelmed. Too much anticipation, I need them both immediately

Cherane Aaaah I need this

Lindsey Peterson Looking forward to it even more now. :)

Jessy Oh god, I'm so excited for this, especially after your review!

message 23: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma Man, I'm so excited to get my hands on this book

message 24: by Emily (new) - added it

Emily That first quote. I'm gonna need to go read book 1 so I can read this one...

message 25: by Bobbie (new) - added it

Bobbie AAAAAHHHH! I just recently finished the first book! I am so excited for this!

message 26: by SanaBanana (new) - added it

SanaBanana eternally and internally screaming until i can get my hands on this book. (though most probably i will be eternally screaming after reading this book judging by your review)

message 27: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura Crying books are good. It sounds wonderful.

ℓуηη, ℓσкιѕℓутнєя¢ℓαω Oh I'm screaming inside having to wait another 3 months for this beauty!! I'm sooooo happy to hear it's so wonderful! I was hoping it would be :) Laini Taylor is a Goddess among authors 😍

Abigail Cressy Good Lord, I'm so excited and your review only made me more excited...

message 30: by kath (new) - rated it 5 stars

kath | novelandfolk I’m reading this right now and I know I shouldn’t peek at reviews but I just had to see if anyone else was affected as deeply as I am so far. Wonderful review!

message 31: by Majo (new) - rated it 5 stars

Majo Cota oh god i don't think i'm ready

message 32: by Kayleigh (new) - added it

Kayleigh Kehoe ♡ Your review has definitely put this series on my radar - it sounds so good!😍

message 33: by Lara (new) - added it


Aminah Hashmi I am so not okay I NEED THIS

message 35: by Den (new) - added it

Den Oh my goodness.

message 36: by Erin (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erin omg omg omg cannot WAIT

Margo It was so good. I am sure you caught the Smoke and Bones references. She really left it open to possibly do more with the characters and possibly intermingle characters from previous books in the future!

Michele I won’t read your review yet bc I don’t want anything given away, but the fact that you gave it 5 stars makes me so happy. Can’t wait for this one!

 ☆*:.。. DANIELA .。.:*☆ OMG OMG OMG I'm so glad you loved it!! That means I'm going to have my socks blown off and will be left a crying mess!!!

Megan I'm so excited to hear this! I loved the first one, so I really wanted this one to be good.

message 41: by vasi (new)

vasi i was wondering, do you annotate your books?


LittleBookDruid You just make my wait harder!!!

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

I just picked up Strange The Dreamer!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Abigail Cressy I got the book early at SDCC, but I had just read your review before going. I just finished it now tonight, and you couldn’t be more right about everything. I’m still stuck in that world of dreaming and I don’t want to come out of it. And I’m CLINGING to that “maybe not the end” as well. uhg!! just thank you for putting into words exactly what I’m feeling!!

Sunny ✨wordslikefury✨ Too excited for this. Would you say this book is superior to the first one? Or is the first one better?

Emily May Sunny ✨wordslikefury✨ wrote: "Too excited for this. Would you say this book is superior to the first one? Or is the first one better?"

It may just be more fresh in my mind but I think I liked this one better :)

Sunny ✨wordslikefury✨ Emily May wrote: "Sunny ✨wordslikefury✨ wrote: "Too excited for this. Would you say this book is superior to the first one? Or is the first one better?"

It may just be more fresh in my mind but I think I liked this..."

I'll take your word for it. This is the kind of book where even though I haven't read it yet, I know for a fact it's going to be a five star.

message 49: by Tanya (new) - added it

Tanya I’m so happy to hear both books didn’t disappoint! I find I have a lot of the same tastes in books as you and usually see what you have to say about a book before reading, so thanks for that!
Would you say this series has another book coming? Or does it come to a close at the end? Thanks!

Emily May Tanya wrote: "I’m so happy to hear both books didn’t disappoint! I find I have a lot of the same tastes in books as you and usually see what you have to say about a book before reading, so thanks for that!

It finishes in a good place but Taylor definitely leaves it open for a possible sequel. I think it could go either way at this point.

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