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Lords of Passion by Virginia Henley
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Oct 25, 2010

really liked it

Lords of Passion by Virginia Henley, Kate Pearce and Maggie Robinson
Historical Romance –Nov. 30th, 2010
4 stars

Lords of Passion features 3 historical romance romances.

In the first story, Beauty and the Brute by Virginia Henley bring together an arranged match between a very young girl named Lady Sarah and a young cocky man named Charles who happens to be the Earl of March. They are shocked when their fathers surprise them with and quick, forced marriage. However, the young, brash and arrogant Earl is harsh to Lady Sarah who is rather plain. Charles immediately leaves Sarah after their marriage. But his hurtful actions carry with Sarah. Years later, Sarah has grown into a beauty and the earl has returned. But the earl has changed. When he spies the young beauty and discovers she is his wife he sets out to seduce her. But can Sarah forgive his past behavior or will she a have revenge of her own?
This was a solid and well written novel. But I feel it could have been expanded. Because the Earl's and Sarah's sudden transformations are just told by the author stating it. I felt I missed their transition period and never felt I got to know them a well as I could have. So the story felt a little short and incomplete. I really would have liked to know how they both evolved. But overall, is was a quick and light read. 3 1/2 stars

In How To Seduce a Wife by Kate Pearce I found an enjoyable story with fun characters. I especially liked the fascinating premise. Nicholas, the dashing rake and Earl of Stortford chose his lady wife carefully. For her money, her personality and for being what he envisioned what a wife should be. His father was a wild man who flaunted his mistresses in front of his poor mother and brought shame to Nicholas and his sister. Nicholas, although much in demand with woman decides once he marries to be faithful and treat his new wife respectfully. But he is shocked to discover his wife Louisa does not appreciate his consideration! In fact she considers sex with him a dead bore and rather read a gothic book! Insulted by his implied lack of prowess Nicholas is determined to seduce his young wife and bring her all the pleasures he has denied them both.
This was such a wonderful story to read. I really enjoyed the 2 main characters and felt I really got to know them. I loved the premise of a renowned rake who is accused by his wife of being boring in bed. When Nicholas sets to prove her wrong…boy does he show Louisa how to 'enjoy ' sex! (Note: this story isn't quite as racy as her single novel Regency romances) 4 1/2 stars

In Not Quite a Courtesan by Maggie Robinson, the author brings together 2 remarkable and responsible individuals. They are brought together by their wild and some what irresponsible and flaky relatives who beg them to help them. Their young relatives married young and are now in a lover’s spat. Prudence Thorne goes to the infamous lodging of her young cousin's husband, Cyrus (where it is rumored he is living with an older courtesan) to try to reunite Cyrus with her cousin. Meanwhile, Darius has just returned for a voyage where he has collected rare artifacts to sell when his young brother Cyrus pleads with him to help him solve his problems with his estranged wife. Darius see no choice but try to help him. On Prudence’s and Darius’s way to help their relatives they meet and they find instant respect and enjoyment in each other's company. I really enjoyed this story because it was so refreshing to have such worthy main characters. Because they have always had to be the ‘responsible ones,’ I loved that they were able to find someone who appreciated them. I was so happy they each found a person they could count on instead having to be the one to always shoulders all the work! 4 stars

This anthology has something for every reader unless they don't enjoy historical romances. My favorite is Kate Pearce's just because I loved the premise and the story was just so entertaining and sexy to read.

Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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message 1: by mirole (new)

mirole hahaha, I just now reread what this story is about and found that the actual names of the real-life prototypes were used by Virginia Henley - Sarah and Charles Lennox. So there you go.

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