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90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper
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May 17, 2007

it was ok

After reading the back cover of this book and learning that the story was about a man who had been killed in a horrific car crash, went to heaven and then returned to life 90 minutes later, I had high expectations for a riveting read. I was really disappointed. I survived a harrowing car accident 2 years ago so expected this to be somewhat cathartic. Instead, I found the story to be recounted poorly and disjointedly. By far the largest problem with the book however was that the author is a Southern Baptist minister and it often reads as a "testimonial" to the Evangelical tradition. While the one chapter that described his experience in heaven was fascinating, it was also disconcerting as it was heavy with traditional Evangelical tradition and belief (Christian songs were being sung by everyone in heaven and he approached the proverbial pearly gates). So I was left wanting to believe that heaven was truly as wonderful a place as he conveyed it to be - a most comforting thought in the face of loss and mortality - yet was somewhat convinced by his description that it was a heaven only an Evangelical could dream of and one that I would and could not experience. I was left to ponder the question - was this really heaven (and he was correct in the remaining 17 chapters that Evangelicals have been right all along and you have to "give your life to Jesus" to be saved and experience this) or was this simply his subconscious mind in some state portraying heaven as he wanted to see it or is heaven individual to everyone who experiences it? Thought provoking yes but counteracted by feeling like I was reading one very long piece of propaganda intended to convert me to the Southern Baptist/Evangelical tradition. No thank you.
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message 1: by West (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:00PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

West I absolutely agree with your review, though I didn't put it as succinctly as you did. Definitely a recommended read for active Christians, in general, or hard-core southern Baptists, in particular.

Riley i dont exactly agree with your review..i hav a different point of view i guess...everyone has a right to hav thier own opinion!

message 3: by Ivy (new)

Ivy I have a feeling that those who've had near death experiences will see Heaven as whatever they were taught to believe it to be. I think God does that to comfort the newbie and put him/her at ease. It doesn't necessarily mean that is the way it actually is. I agree with your review.

message 4: by Katy (new) - rated it 1 star

Katy I agree with you on this review. I didn't even finish the book because I felt that even the first few chapters were preachy and very hard to follow his train of thought. And I'm even a Christian!

Kimmy McLain I am enjoying the book. I am Christian, I don't know if heaven will be what Don experienced or not, I don't believe we will have an "earthly" body, because the Bible tells us the things of earth will all be destroyed by fire. I do believe that based on scripture we will have a perfect body, one we will never know until God comes back. I do think that this book has more to offer than just what he experienced in heaven. Like his lesson on allowing those he loved help him, because they loved him and wanted to help him.

message 6: by Jessaka (last edited Apr 12, 2017 05:36AM) (new)

Jessaka After reading many ndes I am beginning to believe that these experiences are hallucinations or at best heaven is what you want it to be. And I do not mean that there is not an afterlife, just no perfect heaven and no place to torment those that are considered "evil." I would not wish to be in this man's perfect heaven. I may not finish the book. Great review by the way.

Sherone Mosley I found your review a bit harsh,however it's your review. This book could have been written better, but I liked it. There are good things that could be taken away from this book.

Hosanna I honestly don't think that somebody that was in that bad of a car accident HALLUCINATED what Heaven looks like, and if you're truly a believer, you would know that. Yes the book could have been written better. But I know that this guy, whoever he might be, was honest, and has truly seen Heaven.

message 9: by KG (new) - rated it 3 stars

KG I read this book and was disappointed for different reasons than yours. I got the impression that he was left bitter by the experience. I'm not really sure what I was expecting from the book.

At this time I'm reading one by a neurosurgeon called "Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife". I really appreciate this one much more. There are a few similarities in the heaven experiences of the neurosurgeon and the minister but it seems to me that each experience is very personal or individualized. I would recommend the one by the neurosurgeon.

message 10: by Crissy (new) - added it

Crissy Hi can someone please tell me how to download this book on my iPad mini thank you

message 11: by Debbie (new) - added it

Debbie I would like to know how to read the book also !, this part is left out of the instructions when u down load the "app"

Mariamgely Santiago I would recommend you Many Lives, Many Masters from Brian Weiss. I think it will help you consolidate this book with the less evangelical version of Heaven. I hope you like it, if you haven't read it yet.

Skyqueen Hi Erin. I have not read the book. I just got it from the library, but I did read your review. I don't know why people expect other people's experience or views to be like their own and then why they are disappointed they are not. That always bewilders me. What I WILL say is that maybe this was HIS Heaven and yours and mine will be different. I was raised Pentecostal. Yes, holy-roller, and I've seen some true miracles. Not the kind that are staged and all that but other things I KNOW for a fact. Not things told to me by someone else, etc. So I am interested in what he has to say. Evidently he is not a "literary writer" and has gotten some criticism for that, the same as has Chris Kyle for American Sniper. Again I say....Do We All Have To Be Perfect and The Best and The Same?? Thank goodness maybe there IS a God...and we are not Him.

Skyqueen P.S. I believe there are many spiritual things (? dimensions) that we don't know about and certainly don't understand. The fact that we are even here is one. Imagine for ONE SECOND that THERE IS NOTHING! You can't.

message 15: by Jessaka (last edited Jul 29, 2014 03:34AM) (new)

Jessaka I have read many books on NDE, and everyone is different. It is very confusing at the least. I found atheist NDE experiences to be most interesting: and

And in light of all this, I have tried reading "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" and the first stage of death seems like a beginning stage. I never could finish the book as it bothered me somewhat, just as I couldn't read all this book when he writes about his accident, and I don't like preaching.

A.J. Ayers was an atheist until his NDE. But most atheists report feeling an intense love, not especially identifying it as Christ. So knowing this, I can't say that a NDE experience always mimics your own belief system, but from this i also gather that atheists do not have experiences of hell, which very few people do. Ayers, who was a famous atheist, after the NDE admitted their was a God. This article on the same website (IANDS) explains or tries to explain why NDEs are different.

What I come away with is that it makes unbelievers believers, and their knowingness can't change this belief. To me this is very powerful. I was once an atheist and had a similar type of experience, and now no one can convince me that there is no God and that God isn't Love. What I did come away with is knowing that this God has unconditional Love, no judgement, no hate, no anger, etc.

Skyqueen Josey, I enjoyed your reply.
What strikes me as ironic is that to be an atheist, one has to believe there is a God not to believe in. But anyway, I know what you mean. Having been raised so radically FOR God and seen so many things, some days I don't know if I believe there is one or not. Go figure THAT out!
But ultimately what I have concluded is that it does not matter what we believe. It doesn't change what IS. And I'm not so sure anybody knows what that IS. Nevertheless, I still 'search', if you will, for what that IS, and explore. Sometimes things make sense and sometimes they don't.
Recently, I watched the docu/movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" There is a very interesting section in there about water and how our thoughts actually affect it. And since our bodies are, what 80%, 90%, water, our thoughts affect our lives.
I told my sister I was going to read this book. She said she already had and was continuing to read NDE books because she was 'weary' which I think she meant 'leery' since she said she wasn't settled. I told her I have been close enough to death several times that it was not frightful. It was in fact peaceful. Almost as a relief.
Thanks for the links. I will check them out.
P.S. What I also know is that some things make you feel good and some things make you feel bad. Some things work and some things don't. God gives us free will to choose. You're right, he does not judge, hate, get spiteful, etc. He just says, you do this--you reap this. And I think He's sad when we make the lesser optimal choice, just like most parents want the best for their children. We all just do the best that we can wherever we are on the Road of Life.

message 17: by Jane (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jane Maloney I had a NDE during my massive stroke. Didn't get into Heaven, but there were definite similarities. Everyone is different, and so there experience will-should be different. If we are believers there is a Heaven.

message 18: by Jessaka (new)

Jessaka For those who are reading NDE books, my own favorite is, Dying to Be Me."

message 19: by Peter (new)

Peter Upton That was a great Review and will save me in many ways!

message 20: by Danielle (new) - added it

Danielle Hockensmith Although I disagree with your review. I however, do agree that the writing and story telling was a bit choppy and to the point. It could have painted a better picture. I did feel connected to Don, and found myself emotional when he was. The writing was lacking. I think the story could have slowed down more. It felt rushed at times. I do appreciate that this is a sensitive topic for one to talk about though and it was an intimate experience for him that maybe his Heaven is evangelical and your heaven maybe a different perspective. It isn’t for us to judge, but to bring us hope.

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