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The Falconer by Elizabeth May
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really liked it
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Read 2 times. Last read January 2, 2019 to January 4, 2019.

Read 2 | January 2019

I definitely loved this book when I first picked it up and requested the sequels from the library straight !! away !! And...promptly forgot everything by the time they arrived. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ok I don't claim to be a functional mushroom. Do not look at me like that. Anyway, (exactly) a year later I reread and my thoughts are mostly:

(1) lmao I did truly remember nothing and the ending is still confusing
(2) I have the sequels ON HAND and will read them this week (I hope?? I have commitment problems)
(3) I actually forgot it had steampunk magic vibes as well as faeries
(4) I'm reading it and narrating in a Scottish accent in my head, just try and stop me
(5) the UK cover editions (which I'm reading) are an insult to humanity when these US hardcovers are so friking gorgeous afjdksald
(6) IT'S A GOOD BOOK, BRENT, I just can't seem to hold onto the plot


Read 1 | January 2018

This was full of stabbing, bloody faeries, murderous girls and the occasional explosion...so I obviously ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I'm kicking myself for taking so long to read this?! It was a pure delight with fantastic characters and the kind of bloody stabbtastic plot I need. And holy heck so much sociopathic faerie feral wildness going down. Yesssss thanks.

Although I have to say what the HECK WAS THAT ENDING.
Talk about a frikkin' non-ending omg. I need book 2 like I need air and I don't have it so rip me I guess I will go impersonate a waterfall.

I really loved Aileana! The badass faerie killer.
I also admit I can't remember her name and literally had to go get it off the blurb. But oh well. We all have our failings. Mine is never having a clue who anyone is. BUT ANYWAY. I loved how Aileana chaffed at her "proper" life as a lord's daughter and doing the balls and dresses etc etc...but she didn't diss them. Makes such a difference. And she was elegant and also badass and she was an engineer with all these murderous inventions to kill faeries. I mean, can she get any more awesome?! THIS is the kind of female heroine I love reading about!! She's super blood thirsty and also kind of sweet. Afajdsklad.

Also I loved how heavily this book features PTSD.
I often find with fantasy we like skip over the "effects" and just focus on the battle or whatever. But this goes into the actual mental health side!! Aileana's mother was murdered in front of her (when she was little) and that absolutely messes with her ALL the time. She has backflashes and PTSD metldowns and just...this. Thank you. I like. Please yes.

Dark stabby faeries are also my favourite.
I loved Kiaran (lmao I looked up his name too) SO much. He's very mysterious and also extremely powerful, but he and Aileana train to kill faeries. Aka Kairan is killing his own kind. But why? WHY WOULD HE TELL US THAT. HE'S A SNEAKY FAERIE. Anyway he was beautiful and deadly and snarky and I freaking love him.

And I just really like how dangerous and wild all the faeries are. Everyone gets stabbed and bitten and poisoned. It's beautiful. 10/10 And the pixie who basically lives in Aileana's pocket or on her shoulder is really sassy!!

OK so there is a bit of a "love triangle"...but I almost wouldn't call it that?
But there's Kiaran the dark stabby fey and then there's Aileana's childhood friend, Gavin, who returns and is suddenly dashing and has SUPER RELATIVE SECRETS. I liked that (a) Aileana was focused on important things and not wishy washing about who she wanted to kiss, ZERO of that, and (b) Gavin AND Kiaran were both fleshed out and super interesting. So it's not REALLY a triangle, but sort of??? IDK read the freaking book. Just do it.

I also loved the writing!
It was really detailed and the added layer of describing all the smells made it really leap off the page. I thought the pacing was also pretty damn fine EXCEPT FOR THE ENDING WHICH WAS NOT AN ENDING AND I AM N O T OK WITH THIS.

ALL IN ALL? This was a fantastic surprise! Dark faeries and a steampunk Scottish setting with a badass, engineering, and emotional heroine I absolutely want to read more about. It totally captured my imagination!

Plus there's a scene where Kiaran says: "fite me bet u can't" and so Aileana just shoots him.

She is my hero.


"We're facing the apocalypse," he replies. "There is not enough tea in the world to calm me."

"Your eyes glow," I murmur. "Do you know they glow? Like a bloody street lamp."
"Shall I take that as a compliment or a criticism?"

"I should have mentioned they breathe burning mist, shouldn't I?"
"Your ability to communicate is atrocious, did you know that?"

Kiaran shrugs. The closest he comes to betraying emotions is when he stabs something.
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Elizabeth May
“Ask her. Why. She is starving. Meeee!”
Elizabeth May, The Falconer

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30.0% "Kiaran shrugs. The closest he comes to betraying emotion is when he stabs something.

What a lovely little sociopathic faerie. I'M REALLY ENJOYING THIS BOOK."
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(if anyone has any good faerie recs...pls let me know!! Apart from Holly Black and An Enchantment of Ravens because I love those already. 😌)"
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message 1: by rachel ☾ (new) - added it

rachel ☾ mental health rep in a fantasy? *immediately adds to tbr*

C.G. Drews I know right?!? It's something I want to see so much more of!!

message 3: by megan ♡ (new)

megan ♡ I never EVER read fantasy but this review made me desperately want this book...?! What? What mind games are you playing??

Tabi⁷ (ᕗツ)ᕗ I love this book to death and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

BookHugger what made this a 4 star read instead of 5?

message 6: by Elisabeth (new) - added it

Elisabeth Grayson Well you’ve convinced me to read this book 😂. I’m excited about the PTSD focus you mentioned- you’re so right about the effects often being ignored in fantasy, and I think that’s true in most books that aren’t contemporary, honestly. Plus, I love anything with a badass main character and good writing!

C.G. Drews @Megan: Omg I know right?! I've been in a sad and lonely world without knowing this book existed until now.


@BookHugger: Just didn't hit me in the feels as much as a 5 star would!

@Elisabeth: Yesss, that's a huge reason it excited me so much! I really like seeing mental health rep in books. I mean obviously they don't use the word PTSD because it didn't exist back then, but it (and the post-anxiety) felt really well portrayed!

message 8: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah (A French Girl) I was always a bit doubtful about this book. Now you've convinced me to read it! Great reiew as always Cait!

C.G. Drews @Sarah: Aww thanks!!

Sarah Louise The series only gets better, in my opinion! I’m currently reading the third book 😁

message 11: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews @Sarah Louise: I literally dashed out and got the sequel so I'm addicted it can probably be admitted.😂

message 12: by Shelly (new) - added it

Shelly I've been meaning to read this forever!

message 13: by C.G. (new) - rated it 4 stars

C.G. Drews @Shelly: I hope you do try it!! It's totally amazing!

Kelly Glad you liked it. I loved this one too and the second even more! I'm hoping to pick up the final one soon, they get even better. :)

Eleanor (bookishcourtier) I agree totally about the UK covers!

message 16: by Mariah (new) - added it

Mariah Boatwright Lol she just shoots him, I love it so much

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