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Fallen by Lauren Kate
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Oct 23, 2010

it was ok

Some young girl falls for a troubled, yet alluring teenage boy. Does this plot sound familiar to anyone else? Throw in some allusions to angels with wings and then you have some originality. At least the story has a little freshness by steering clear of the whole vampire theme. While the protagonist’s constant desire for an unworthy guy leaves much to be desired for a main character, the rest of the individuals have actual substance and appear realistic. Such contrasts of pros and cons leave a reader, like myself, wondering whether the story is worthy of moving on to the sequel or not.

On the one hand, there are relatable and intriguing sub-plots (i.e. love triangles, misunderstood teenagers, and hints of the supernatural). The book constantly entertains, with few slow points in the story line. On the other hand, the mystery behind the love-interest’s actions goes on for far too long, keeping the reader in suspense for more than half of the book. In addition, the indecision and naiveté of the main character is more frustrating than her unfair placement in the rehabilitation school.

Despite feeling aggravated and anxious to have the truth revealed more quickly, perhaps those feelings of mine were a sign that something was done right with the story. After all, I would not care about the characters in the least if the proper tension was not established. For that, kudos to Lauren Kate and her suspense-building tactics.

My main complaint with the book remains in the way the romance is portrayed. It does not seem healthy to set an everlasting romance based on an attraction to a guy who is rude and treats a girl like garbage. Hopefully, other young ladies, who read this book, will not fall for guys who flip them off. FYI, in reality, if a guy is treating you like a jerk, he is a jerk!

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