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Oct 23, 2010

it was ok
Read in October, 2010

“The virus is background noise to us”

The above quote from the book sums it up pretty nicely. This isn't a zombie book. This is just just a political thriller in a world that happens to have zombies in. The zombies show up very rarely and there's certainly no horror.

One of the main flaws I found in the book was in the characterisation. None of the characters are distinct. I feel like the writer wants us to think that Georgia, the narrator is super cool and badass, look at me, my illness means I have to wear shades all the time and if not shades, then contact lenses I can use to freak people out. Honestly, she just comes across as a snide, self important bitch. Georgia tells us that the people she meets are this, that and the other, but their speech and action rarely show them to be any different from one another (Although when an English character shows up at the end, he actually says at one point "Bloody bizarre." Bloody? Really. He also has a blog called "Fish and Chips." I don't remember a mention that he was wearing a bowler hat, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me.) Perhaps the worst offender and best example of this is when we get to chapter 27. I can't say why without giving away heavy spoilers, but it's annoying. Chapter 26 also ends in a major breach of the rules of the format. Not in a clever way. Not in a game changing way. It just doesn't work.

The overall plot is all right. It kept me entertained enough to read through to the end, despite other problems.

The acknowledgements at the end of the book begin with the sentence "This is a book that truly could not have been written without the help of a dedicated and industrious team of editors, continuity checkers, and subject experts." I wouldn't normally have a problem with that. The thing is, there's a line in the book- “Ireland has never had an extradition treaty with the United States. It still doesn't.” According to The Irish Department of Justice and Law Reform, it states "Countries with which Ireland has Extradition Treaties

Ireland currently has bilateral extradition treaties with:

* Australia
* United States of America." It took me maybe ten seconds to find that out, so I'm not sure how industriously the facts were checked in this. Of course, it's possible that Georgia is just plain wrong, but I don't feel like the author would be happy for her to ever be wrong.

In all, it's okay. It's not a great book and I certainly can't recommend it as a high point of zombie fiction, but I enjoyed it well enough.
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message 1: by Tressa (new)

Tressa I couldn't stand Georgia and her brother or that friend. They ruined the story for me and I couldn't even finish it. Snide, condescending, smug, and smartass group of kids. Couldn't stand them.

Clark I wish people would just say this.... "Its not PA dont waste your time". It would stop me reading so many boring books with a hint of PA (but not about it)

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