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Temptation by Jude Deveraux
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Oct 22, 2010

did not like it
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The most frustrating book I've ever read. After I finally finished it I felt I completely wasted my time reading it. Story was completely dragged out to the point that I had trouble finishing it a few times. The ending I felt was completely rushed and made no sense and was just completely unrealistic and out of character, from James' side at least. The ending was the biggest problem I had with this book. It categorizes under 'WTF just happened?!' ending. I felt totally whiplashed and fuming after reading the final chapter. The ending was so disjointed from the rest of the book I felt like I was reading a section from another book rather then the conclusion to this. Not only that but the build up for these two to finally be together was torturously slow, like pulling teeth.

I felt the author spent more time dragging the story out throwing in stupid unnecessary plot point after plot point to keep them apart only to have them come together in a two second sloppy rushed scene at the very end where everything is magically forgiven with a surprise that Temperance felt she didn't need to tell or share with James. The 'surprise' and reaction to it was what was most unbelievable to me and very aggravating. I couldn't relate with Temperance and her over-bearing ways and some of her actions and decisions I just felt where unfounded, blown out of proportion, and at times unreasonable. This was one book where I ended up absolutely hating the heroine. It was really hard to even like her at times with her snappy remarks, snooty attitude then rushing off believing she deserved better at the very end was just unbelievable to me. I found myself sympathizing with the hero more and feeling sorry for him. And if that wasn't enough the big 'surprise!' reveal at the end makes her the ultimate Queen of Self-entitled Heartless Bitches.

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Hiding a big secret like that at the end from him and being so nonchalant about it made me absolutely hate Temprence at the end of the book. And this lovely awkward 'reunion' at the end happens 2 YEARS LATER after the initial story takes place. The fact that this woman didn't even bother to tell him for 2 fucking YEARS about the secret she kept (view spoiler) was utterly ridiculous and unreedmable in my eyes. Try... RAGE INDUCING. What I found galling is that he's the one who gathers up the courage to visit her while she's living the high life content with her 'no bother' indifferent attitude. It just made me want to physically reach into the book and slap her. The whole 'oh it's you' reaction made me wish bodily harm to this dingbat. The most self-centered self-entitled haughty brittle arrogant hateful heroine I've ever had the displeasure of reading about. By the end of it there was nothing reedamble or likable about this woman. The self-entitlement and indifference to what she did is the most ridiculous thing of all. Like...do you have a heart? What about a conscience or decency? The absolute nerve of this woman. If the hero hadn't taken the initiative to find the heroine years later, he would have never known about his son. I have no sympathy for women who do what she did unless the reasons behind it are justified, and here it clearly wasn't. The author didn't even bother to give reasons as to WHY the heroine did what she did which confounded me more. Instead I got a sloppy rushed ending that was so unrealistic and unbelievable I had to fight the urge not to hurl the book out my window. It was just complete lazy writing IMO and turned me off completely. Don't just give me sub-par dialogue and expect me to read between the lines, give me explanations or POV's to actually back up characters' actions. Ugh.

If I had known it would end like that I honestly would have never ever read this.
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Edna Eu concordo. A h é completamente indiferente no final, e dá para perceber, que se não fosse pela iniciativa do H, ele nem conheceria o próprio filho. Não é um dos melhores romances de JD.

Harisa Lagji Hey. I also hated the book but had the opposite reaction as you, I hated the hero. In my opinion he was so careless about his sob Ramsey that it totally makes sense to me why she wouldn't tell him she was pregnant! He seems to have very little regard for women, sex, and children. In her mind she was no different than the girl in London. The way he told the story about how he got Ramsey so casually was absolutely disgusting to me.

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