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Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp
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Out of the new books that have come out so far Lords of the Sith may have been my least favorite. That's not to say it's a terrible book by any means but many aspects of it simply fall flat.

7 things I didn't like:

1) The title and marketing of the book were quite misleading. Yes there are portions of the novel that deal with Vader and Palpatine but an enormous part if not the majority of the story focuses on the Free Ryloth movement. That would've been fine if the book had been marketed that way but I expected way more Vader/Emperor interaction.

2) The pacing is very bad. The novel has 18 chapters and over half of the story is centered on the Star Destroyer "Perilous" event. It is a fun read to see the Twi'lek strategy but the scene does drag on for what seems like forever. This portion would've done much better on TV. For a book marketed as "Vader and his Master stranded on an inhospitable planet" the readers don't even reach that point for a very long time.

3) I found the Emperor to be out of character. He rarely spoke. Basically each scene he was in had him cackling, have an odd smile, and/or call Vader his "friend". Over and over again. As if he had nothing else in his vocabulary. The Tarkin novel did a MUCH better job at characterizing the Emperor. In Tarkin, the emperor had ACTUAL conversations and more expressions.

4) Vader and Emperor Palpatine are NEVER in any real danger. This is in part due to the Emperor's reactions to everything. Again he's always just smiling in every situation. This takes the fun out of their "adventure" as the reader knows nothing will actually endanger or faze him.

5) Mors was never fleshed out. The author never explored her past deeply enough so I didn't care enough about her. Belkor was handled nicely though as we observe his steady descent into insanity throughout the novel.

6) Most of the supporting cast on the rebels side is forgettable. Aside from Isval and Cham the rest I can barely even remember their names. Goll arrives in the novel way too late.

7) The author has everyone constantly cursing and it just gets old after a while. You practically expect it of everyone. He also used the word "gore" so many times it just got annoying. Also not to be a grammar nazi but the editor of the book missed some glaring errors.

I did find Vader's parts interesting. He's only been Vader for 8 years and we see Anakin through his piloting and over-the-top lightsaber fighting styles. It is a noticeable difference from the much slower and refined style he adopts years later. It was nice to see that although he would try to bury his memories of the past he wasn't always successful. Also Isval was a fantastic character even though I would've like to know more about her rescues and her past.

All in all I did like the book but to me it seemed like a missed opportunity.
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Lance Shadow that's pretty much exactly what I thought. What we got in the book was good and i ended up really liking it, but the marketing was misleading and made me want alot more emperor and vader. I gave it a 4 stars because overall it was a great book but there was still a ton missing.

Christopher Perry I also expected more Vader and less terror cell shenanigans. I would have liked the book much more if I hadn't felt the bait and switch. Also I could have done with less of the red-light district. Sexy Twi'lek in fetish gear killing johns to rescue girls... that whole sequence lasted too long and frankly killed my interest in the rest of the story. I was hoping for more amazing Vader unstoppable badassery, alas.

Brian I find it the same with any star wars book by Paul Kemp. There is never enough character development. This should have been a home run book with the premise that practically writes itself and the execution was poor.

Joseph His use of the word "loam" was a little irritating as well since he used it about 15 times in two chapters. Good review.

Chaz Ricks Good review! I totally agree with you about the emperor. His vocabulary was predictable after a couple scenes and I didn't like how he was portrayed as practically invincible. I think the book would have been better if he and Vader were portrayed as a bit more vulnerable. It might have helped with their character development.

Miguel Arvelo This captures my thoughts so much better than my own review! And you even gave it the same rating I did!

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