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Dark Song by Gail Giles
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Oct 21, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: 1age-middle-school, 1age-junior-high, 1age-senior-high, 3genre-suspense

Ames has the perfect life in Boulder Colorado. She lives in the right neighborhood, has the right clothes, hangs out with the right people. She has everything she could ever want, until her dad looses his job. Her parents tell her that it is OK, nothing is going to change, that her dad is going to find a new job. But her parents are hiding something from Ames and when she discovers that her dad didn't just lose his job, he was fired for embezzling, she feels betrayed. Her dad can't find work anywhere in Boulder, and they can no longer afford their fancy house, since her dad has gambled away the second mortgage money, so the family sells most of their belongings and moves to Texas where her grandparents give them a place to stay.

Ames' grandparents in Texas have a rundown house no one is renting and they offer to let Ames and her family stay there and clean the place up, rent free, for 3 months (they do this not out of kindness but because they want to see their son come crawling back). Everything in Ames' life is changing, her mother has become "the commander" always telling Ames what to do and never thanking her, her father turns into an alcoholic. The only person she learns to trust is Marc, their neighbor who looks seventeen, although he is twenty-two, and harbors a secret gun collection. There is something dark about Marc that draws Ames into his web. Marc is dangerous and protective at the same time, he despises Ames' parents and offers to help protect her from them by taking care of them, permanently.

I was excited to see another Gail Giles book! I love her books because they are all quick, suspenseful reads and this was no exception. I will say I was a bit disappointed in the end, it didn't feel much like a Gail Giles ending, but then again the whole point of Giles is that you never know what is going to happen!

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