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Mort by Terry Pratchett
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Oct 20, 2010

In my opinion, Mort by Terry Pratchett gets two thumbs up. It is it excellent book that’s funny, suspenseful, and even a bit romantic. Every bit of this book keeps you laughing and wanting to read more. I never wanted to put it down!
The author Terry Pratchett has an interesting writing style that is slightly different then some of the usual ones, but so much better all the same. Being an English writer, some of the words in the book sound funny to hear and adds to the great style of the story. You have to really use your imagination with his kind of writing, and he leaves a lot up to you to create, while still providing the perfect amount of description and context into it. The story itself is chalked full or ironic pieces. The most evident of all being that the book (from a distance) is solely about Death and his assistant which should be frightening and dramatic, but the book is a comedy and keeps a light happy tone the whole time.
This book is written with a narrator, though we don’t really know who it is. Just Terry I suppose. The narrator never gives away the secrets and makes us wait till the end to find out the answers. There is not exactly one major mystery in this book, but more so, a couple of mini problems sprinkled throughout the chapters. I think that this is a very good way of keeping the readers attention and not getting bored with just one worry the whole time.
In the beginning of the book, he starts right off the bat with a situation already forming. All his life Mort had lived on the farm with his parents, and farming was the only thing he knew how to do. The only issue with that, was he had never been focused or really smart enough to be any good at it, so one night his father took him down to the job fair in town in hope that somebody might choose him as an apprentice(poor fellow). When all the other boys had been chosen, it was 5 past midnight they lost hope and were on their way back home. They heard somebody right then ride up on a horse and call after them. That night, Mort became Deaths apprentice. The thing is, his father didn’t know it because when Death would talk to someone anything that would not make sense to them would not be how they heard it. His father probably heard that he was going to be a plumber or a carpenter or something normal. In Deaths personal kingdom, in a world he made of his own, Mort met two new people, Ysabell and Albert. Also Deaths horse Binky. Ysabell was his “daughter” who was adopted, and Albert who was the cook.
Now the world that all the mortals live on is called the Discworld which is rather hard to explain. It is a flat world that rests on the back of four great elephants standing on a giant turtle that floats around through space. Now “most astrologists say there is a tiny one-in-a-million chance of there ever being such place, but most magicians say one-in-a-million chances happen nine out of ten times.”
So on Death and now Mort’s job to usher souls into the next world Binky would carry them to the Discworld at impossible speeds that are easier not explained. On one of the jobs, actually Mort’s’ first job alone, instead of taking Princess Keli’s soul like he’s supposed to, he misses and kills her murderer instead. Later on he falls in love with her, along with the wizard Cutwell.
As the now made ripples in history try to fix themselves, Mort makes a couple of other mistakes and gets Death pretty angry at him, but in a clash in “reality” everything fixes itself alright with Mort marrying Ysabell, Death being…well Death, Cutwell becoming an advanced wizard, and Princess Keli crowned Queen Keli.
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