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Personal Protection by Leah Braemel
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Oct 20, 2010

really liked it
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I had noooooo idea what to expect when I started Personal Protection...and I got waaaaay more than I expected.

Sam Watson may be the head honcho at his own upscale personal protection and security company Hauberk Security, but sometimes even the boss needs protection. When Sam starts receiving obscene pictures of himself doctored with his head blown off and then his highly secure apartment is broken into and trashed, his close friends and associates know it's time to bring in the hired guns for his own protection. Question is: who's he gonna call...Ghostbusters ( I couldn`t resist)? No silly! He's got the best operatives right on his own payroll and there is no one better than Rosalinda "Rosie" Ramos.

Rosie is one of the best operatives at Hauberk and she takes her job and responsibilities very seriously even if she is constantly being tested to prove her worth despite her small statue. So Rosie's got mixed feelings when she's tasked with being the lead operative on Sam's protection detail because its such a huge honor and she doesn`t want to risk her job or career. It's going to be a tough gig though considering she's been jonsing for her hot, hunky employer for months and keeping those feelings under wraps and being around Sam 24/7 is going to push her to the limit.

What Rosie doesn't realize is that her feelings are not all one-sided. Sam's got a constant raging hard-on for the spicy, hot Latina whenever he even thinks about her. Let me just state that there was a lot of fantasizing going on about what these two wanted to do to each other *fans self*. Somehow they both manage to maintain (not for long) the Boss/Employee relationship(and not without a lot of cold showers) as they work to discover who's out to eliminate Sam from the human race.

As these two grow closer Sam's got serious issues with Rosie risking her life to protect him. He wants to be the boss; the protector; the dominant in their relationship. Which brings us to the other part of Sam's life that he's been keeping from Rosie and is hesitant to reveal. He's actively involved in the Dom/s lifestyle and one of the founding members of a very exclusive club. Crackling Rosie's education into this lifestyle was again *fans self* so smoking' hawt!

Let us not forget during all this hawtness that someone wants Sam dead.

I must give kudos to Ms. Braemel for the ending of Personal Protection. The suspect everyone was on high alert for? I NEVER saw it coming. If you can figure out who the bad guy is....well you are much better at solving puzzles than me. I thought it was an excellent twist even though I am sure I was asking myself WTF just happened as I was reading. GOOD on you Ms. Braemel.

Even though this is book #2 in the series (and Sam probably made an appearance in book #1), I had no trouble starting with Personal Protection.

Disclaimer: Sam and Rosie weren't the only ones in need of a cold shower during the reading of this eBook.
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