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Oct 19, 2010

it was amazing
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This book is very graphic but interesting to read. I enjoy reading this book.

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October 19, 2010 – Started Reading
October 19, 2010 – Shelved
October 21, 2010 –
page 26
8.55% "This week I am getting closer to finding out more about Candy. She has been through a lot even as a child. Can't wait to read more."
October 25, 2010 –
page 44
14.47% "Wow, The police officer that took Candy in her mom in is now tryying to help better has her own apartment. She had her mom and little sister come stay with her and her mom even has a real job!"
October 31, 2010 –
page 78
25.66% ""Some good can be found in every bad situation...You better not ever grab hold of nothing you can't let go of in a hurry"-Percy's grandmother"
November 7, 2010 –
page 109
35.86% "You think life is all about having fun and living it, stress free. Life comes with trials and tribulations. Its all fun and games until somebody gets hurt."
November 17, 2010 –
page 181
59.54% "Candy continues to struggle in this abusive relationship and trying to better Caramel's Life."
November 29, 2010 –
page 220
72.37% "Good things do come to those that wait.."

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message 1: by Olivia (new) - added it

Olivia Owens AY cookie monster Could You let me borrow it if you get a chance??

Kaylah jones Can I Read It First ?Lol

message 3: by Kaylah (last edited Oct 31, 2010 07:50PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaylah jones WEEKLY PROGRESS:Candy Licker starts off straight to the point and as the book progresses gets more in depth and surprising. So far I see Candy wasn't able to enjoy being a child. She didn't get that opportunity.

TIME:I read during college counseling for the entire homework time (53 minutes) and came home and read more.

GOAL-SETTING:I plan to read past page 50, hopefully I get a better understanding of Candy.

META-COGNITIVE:Candy had it rough growing up. Her mom wasn't always there for her and she wasn't able to live an average child’s’ life. She watched more people being murdered than any kid watched cartoons. She was always in life or death situations and she chose to do whatever she had to do in order to survive. Life wasn't easy then and it wasn't going to get any better for her. In fact, the lifestyle she was choosing to live was only going to make matters worse. She wasn’t making very smart decisions and wasn’t doing anything to better her situation. She had a voice and could sing her butt off. She was also very intelligent and knew how to get what she wanted. She was beautiful and took after her mother to a certain extinct. Although she grew up poor, she was able to take care of her self and her family as she got older.

message 4: by Olivia (new) - added it

Olivia Owens GIIIIRRRRLLLYOU aint nobody LOl sorrryyy

Kaylah jones Loser..Yuu Right Next 2 Meh !!!

message 6: by Kaylah (last edited Oct 31, 2010 07:56PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaylah jones WEEKLY PROGRESS:The police officer that took Candy and her mom in is now trying to help better her life. Candy now has her own apartment. She had her mom and little sister come stay with her and her mom even has a job as a store clerk. Major improvement!

TIME:I Spent the last 10 minutes of class reading and read atleast 30 minutes over my weekend.

GOAL-SETTING:My goal for the week is to get past chapter 7.

META-COGNITIVE:Candy almost lost her life while on this journey with her mother. Her mom was usin her as bait to catch a trick or two. She would make Candy flash the driver to get his attention, he would pull over they would get in the car and before anything could go down her mom goes in for the kill ,takes the money and gets out. See, Candy was very developed at 15 and because her and her family didn't have much, her mom would use Candy to make some change. Didn't mean that she was okay with what she had to do but it was done. The move that they pulled on this trick go out of control and wasn't as simple as get the money and go. They tried to leave and the trick tried to strangle them both when an undercover cop came. Little did Candy and her mom know, it was indeed a cop. To jail they went...

message 7: by Olivia (new) - added it

Olivia Owens dannngggg sounds like a really interesting read who are the other caracters

Kaylah jones So Far ,There`s Candyy Rayee ,Her Sister ,Mom ,Dominicaa &`d Vonzellee (Her Friends from her group homee) ,and Hurricanee

message 9: by Olivia (new) - added it

Olivia Owens pretty gangster hurry up and read so i can chop chop

Kaylah jones Olivia wrote: "pretty gangster hurry up and read so i can chop chop"
Yeaa Yeaa Yeaa

message 11: by Kaylah (last edited Oct 31, 2010 07:36PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaylah jones WEEKLY PROGRESS:In every chapter, there are positives and negatives. I enjoy reading this book and can't wait to finish so I can read books similar to this.

TIME:I read for 15 minutes in college counseling on friday and for 30-45 minutes tonight at home.

GOAL-SETTING:I plan to read up to chapter 12 by the end of this week.

META-COGNITIVE REFLECTION:I am really enjoying this book because it is very vivid and keeps me wondering. As a reader, this tells me that I understand what it is that I am reading and enjoys reading books that I can relate to. I read at home on sunday nights or whenever I am not doing anything (just for fun. Because this book is so interesting I don't get lost or if I feel That I am about to get lost I stop where I am and continue later. Reading at home or in a quiet environment works best for meh because I am very focused. If I do get lost while reading, I re-read wherever I got lost at to get back on track. The chapter of the book that I am on, Candy is fearing that she is about to lose her life. She finally got her chance to sings for "The House Of Homicide" and needed her mom to cover for her on her other "job". Her mom is an ex-drug addict so Nicky didn't want to trust her with his money. Candy had to choose what was more important to her. Being that this might be her only shot for a record deal, she took that route. Now Candy's little sister is scared, calling Candy telling her that their mom still hasn't made it home. Of Course, this alarms Candy and she doesn't know what to think. Should she continue thinking the worst and expecting the worst to happen or should she think positive?

message 12: by Kaylah (last edited Nov 07, 2010 09:58AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaylah jones WEEKLY PROGRESS:This week I have come to realize that life is too short for the B.S. No matter how much you fight and argue, you are going to need your mom more then you ever knew. You never know how much until you look up and she's gone...

TIME:I read 30 minutes at home, 10 minutes in class, and 10 minutes at my grandma's house.

GOAL SETTING:My goal is to read up to chapter 16 by next week.

META-COGNITIVE REFLECTION:The cover up didn't follow through. The Gabriano's had gotten hold of Mama, her boyfriend Greasy, and Caramel.Candy knew there was something wrong when her mom didn't call her to let her know that she made the drop. Nicky wasn't surpised that Mama catted off with the money. As a matter of fact he expected her to because she is a junkie. He knew that she couldn't be trusted with all that money but Candy insisted that she had changed. Mama and Greasy was gone but Caramel was lucky. She was shot in the head but it was only a skim. The girls (Dominica and Vonnie) Insisted that Candy fly back to New York with them but there was no way that Candy was leaving Caramel in the hospital, even though she had guards. Candy knew that Nicky would be back to the house but she still stayed. He sent his boys there again and they got her. They brutally beat her as if they were fighting guys. They would have possibly killed her but Hurricane Jackson got word and compromised with them. He took Candy under his wing and made her his women. She was happy and hoped for nothing but the best. Little did she know she was nowhere near prepared for this journey she was up against.

message 13: by Kaylah (last edited Nov 21, 2010 02:55PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaylah jones WEEKLY PROGRESS: I accomplished last weeks goal and got past chapter 16. I am almost finished with the book. I wish there was a part 2 or something.

TIME: I read the usual, in class, any chance that I could. Nothing less than 10 minutes and I read everyday.

GOAL SETTING:My goal is to read up to chapter 21 by next week.

META-COGNITIVE REFLECTION: Candy was begining to become more sexually frustrated and looked for ways to satisfy her needs. Peaches daughter, Asia moved in and started wildin out just like Caramel. She's only 15 so she looked up to Caramel but the changes that were happening with Caramel, didn't make her such a positive influence on Asia.A few months after Scandelous was signed with Hurricane, their self-titled album was released and all three of their lives had took a sharp turn. They was a hot demand and all the radio stations in major cities like Detroit, L.A., New York, Chicago, and Atlanta were playing their songs and trying to get them in their studios for interviews. They were living large and loving it.Everything was going good until Hurricane pronounced Candy as the Solo artists. He had split Scandalous up and they had no idea what was going on, not even Candy. Candy was hurt and confused and for a moment Hurricane pretended to care. Eventually he got tired of her not doing anything and forced her to get back to work. She expected Caramel to support her but her attitude was getting worse by the second. Candy didn't know what to do.

message 14: by Kaylah (last edited Nov 29, 2010 08:50PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaylah jones WEEKLY PROGRESS: I fell off a bit on my reading throught the week but was able to pull myself back on track.

TIME: I read on saturday and sunday, 30 minutes each day.

GOAL SETTING:My goal is to finish the rest of the book by next week.

META-COGNITIVE REFLECTION: Things begin to get a little more sticky in Candy's life. She and Knowledge start seein each other under Hurricane's nose. Candy Admits to feelin safer and way more comfortable with Knowledge than she has ever felt with Hurricane. Caramel continues to treat Candy as if she is a stranger to her or something. I think that Caramel is just completely traumatized still from getting shot in the head. Of course, she may still be holding in a lot of anger towards Candy but I think there's more to it. How can one that was so sweet and innocent turn into something so mean and wild? I like the fact that no matter how cruel Caramel is to Candy, Candy still loves her and continues to raise her and love her the best way she knows how. I respect her for that because it isn't easy and Caramel isn't making this any easier for them.

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