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Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Oct 19, 2010

really liked it

Anita is back and she is pissed! What way can the bad guys pissed this heroine? It's simple. Attack her love ones or pester her during times that her people needs her.

Well this is what Marmee Noir did. Jason seeks Anita's help with his dying father. During this time, Marmee Noir somehow disconnects Anita's connection with Jean Claude which leaves him not knowing what is happening and Anita helpless even in her sleep.

The powerful mother vampire manipulated Anita and rolls her causing Anita to have sex yet to another wereanimal. Also in the book, Jason becomes Anita's wolf to call because Nathaniel became a part of her second triumvirate. A promotion, in a weird way. You should definitely need to read the previous books because it keeps on getting complicated even for readers like me that have re-read the series.

I also mentioned in my previous reviews that Anita's triumvirate with Jean Claude and Richard gained different powers right? Well it didn't stopped there. Anita gaining the ardeur from Jean Claude, Jean Claude gained Anita's stubbornness, Richard Anita's anger. This book tells us that Richard copes with his gaining Anita's anger but also gained a new power - the ardeur. This book, Hamilton gave me a new version of Richard. I can say better and more powerful which is a good thing.

To sum it up, Hamilton decided to make a 360 degrees turn and "improved" the book from the slump that it went after Blue Moon. I love how Danse Macabre changed the mood for me because I was seriously close to giving up on the series which I don't really do.

With exemption of the sexual parts of the book, which is a lot I might add so conservative readers might want to rethink reading this series, the book actually gave me the excitement I first felt reading the first few books of the series. I love the fast paced style of the series + Hamilton's way of graphically painting us the story of the characters. Good job for Hamilton on these three books.

I'm excited to read what's next to the series.Laurell K. Hamilton

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