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Anchor by M. Mabie
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“I wasn’t going to waste another minute not letting him know I was there for the taking. If he wanted me. Every part of me belonged to him.”

6 STARS – Brace yourself, M. Mabie isn’t finished toying with your emotions. In fact she’s now a master in her craft! Anchor will leave you feeling incredibly grateful that you took the leap and dove into this series!

Casey and Blake known to all those who have read Bait and Sail as Lou and Honeybee have had more to overcome than most. Their love story didn’t really begin in the best way, understatement? Maybe… Blake was engaged to another man when she first laid eyes on Casey and Casey was powerless to resist this woman, even if she belonged to someone else. Blake knew what she was doing was wrong, even from the very start, but she was incapable of staying away from the one man who made her feel like no other ever has or ever will. At the very end of Sail I felt like I had been kicked in the guts! I mean after all these two had already gone through, how could this possibly happen?


You just know that when Mo wrote those last scenes in Sail, she was sitting there behind her laptop manically laughing at how shocked and enraged we would be!


I could see the happily ever after in my head and I was more than ready for it! Out of nowhere she snatched it away, in what seemed to be within the blink of an eye.

Anchor picks up shortly after Sail and what I can tell you without spoiling the plot, is that obviously Blake has survived. Casey is now by her side and he will not be ever leaving her again. Blake is trying to heal both physically and emotionally from what happened that fateful night when her entire world shifted upside down and she was left to bleed to death. She is mending, healing and dealing, taking her time and putting in the work, with Casey by her side there is nothing they can’t accomplish. I cannot stress how completely astounded I am by the growth of Casey and Blake over the course of this series. Their characters have experienced a lot of pain, grief and heart break, but it just seemed to make them stronger.

“I was getting my very own fairy tale in bed, and the man telling it was my prince charming. There was no doubt he’d make all of it come true.”

Gone are the immature and selfish people that we fell head over heels in love with in Bait. I’ve not read many characters that infuriated and frustrated me the way that Blake and Casey did, these two drove me to drink, literally. Sail showed us even more personal growth and awareness, especially in Blake. In Anchor, after that fateful night, Casey and Blake continue to grow even stronger. Both as individuals and as a couple, as lovers. I have no doubt in my mind that these two were fated for each other, they are truly soul mates.

“He healed me from the inside out.”

Anchor finally focuses on giving Casey, Blake and the legions of readers who fell in love with their story in Bait, a much deserved, hard earned happily ever after. M. Mabie tackled this story like just as she has in the previous books, with grace, compassion, incredible skill and a knack for literally ripping all the emotions possible from her readers. I have become so invested and obsessed with this series, the characters; I needed that HEA probably just as much as the characters themselves did. Sad confession, but it’s the truth. After falling in love with these two from the very start, I needed to see them get what they so desperately deserved. Seeing them happy, loved unconditionally, and content in their lives together was NEEDED! I began this story anxious and curious; when I finished I was even more in love with these characters than I was before. Mo never shies away from the messy, the raw and unapologetic side of a love story. She does it in such a way that even when you are totally pissed off with what is happening within the story, you cannot possibly walk away. I got hooked on Bait, I was enamoured by Sail and with Anchor I felt my never ending thirst for that elusive HEA finally quenched. I was left sitting in a room by myself (Thank God) with the most stupid and goofy looking grin on my face. In the end the entire journey was well worth all of my heart break and tears.

“Being in love might pack on twice as much trouble, but being in love with the right person-well, that’s when you never have to carry anything alone.”

M. Mabie has finally healed all of my heart with Anchor; I cannot wait to see what she creates next. She is one of my favorite authors and I will gladly read whatever she chooses to give us next. The Wake Series is a must read for all lovers of romance, it’s messy, emotional, uber sexy and well worth every single moment of the anguish to get to end of this unbelievably messy and captivating story.

“There’s no past anymore, honeybee. Only our future. Only firsts.”
“I want you. Only you. Forever. I’m yours forever.”

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