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Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah MacLean
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1. Kiss someone-passionately
2. Smoke cheroot and drink scotch
3. Ride astride
4. Fence
5. Attend a duel
6. Fire a pistol
7. Gambling at gentleman's club
8. Dance every dance at a ball
9. Be considered beautiful. Just once.

Lady Calpurnia lelah dengan orang - orang yang sering mengecapnya sebagai perawan tua yang membosankan.

Memang, di usianya yang ke 28, dia merasa sangat tua untuk menjadi Wallflower yang selalu hadir di pesta dansa resmi

apalagi adik perempuannya sebentar lagi akan menikah dengan seseorang duke
dia merasa malu adiknya lebih duluan nikah
maka dari itu, dia membuat sebuah list. List yang bisa membantu dia untuk menjadi seseorang yang lebih santai dan bisa menikmati hidup

sampai pada suatu hari, dia bertemu dengan seorang playboy tampan Marquess of Ralston. Sebagian masyarakat kenal dengan reputasi Ralston. Dia sering berjudi, main perempuan, merokok, dan pastinya sering duel dengan lelaki lainnya

Callie ingin membuang sisi sopannya untuk merubah pendapat orang tentang dirinya. Maka dari itu dia mendatangi rumah Ralston.

Dan meminta pria itu untuk menciumnya!!

setelah ciuman itu, Callie tidak dapat melupakan Ralston. Tetapi dia tahu lebih baik menjauhi si playboy bejat itu. Tetapi, saat dia ingin melakukan kegiatan yang dia rencanakan di listnya itu, dia selalu bertemu Ralston

saat dia mencoba minum scotch, dia bertemu Ralston
saat dia mencoba main anggar, dia bertemu Ralston
saat dia dansa, tentu saja dia bertemu Ralston

tanpa dia sangka, Ralston membantunya melakukan semua hal yang dia rencanakan di list itu.

tanpa sadar, Callie pun jatuh cinta pada pria itu..

tidak ada yang tahu sebenarnya Ralston mengadakan taruhan dengan Lord Oxford untuk menaklukkan Callie..

pndapat gw :

gw sukaaa bgt ama ceritanya!!

ada sedihnya, ada lucunya, ada hotnya..
kalau boleh dbilang
ini perpaduan dari kocaknya Julia Quinn
dramatis dan hotnya Lisa Kleypas
intrik yang kompleks kayak johanna lindsey

Gw suka karakter Callie yang kuat dan ga putus asa meskipun dilabeli perawan tua oleh society
Ralston seksi bangett, dan lagi karakter dy emg gentleman bgt (meskipun dy itu seorang rake)

kocaknya pas mrk manggil satu sama lain
Callie benci bgt kalo dpanggil Calpurnia
Ralston malah seneng manggil tuh cewe Calpurnia. karena ngingetin dy ama seorang Empress

Ralston sangat benci kalo Callie manggil dy 'My Lord'
dy lebih suka kalo Callie manggil dy 'Gabriel'
padahal mistress2nya dy ngga ada yg pernah manggil dy Gabriel

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Quotes Adwina Liked

Sarah MacLean
“He smiled, setting his forehead to hers. "you are very bad for me. I am trying to turn over a new leaf--I am trying to be more gentlemanly."
"But what if I want you to stay a rake?" she teased, her fingers trailing down his neck and chest, fingering the buttons on his waistcoat. "A libertine, even?" she slipped one fastening from its seat and he grabbed her errant hand, bringing it to his lips for a swift kiss.
"Callie," he said, his voice thick with warning as she set her free hand to the second button on his coat.
"What if I want the rogue, Gabriel?" the question was soft and sweet.
"What are you saying?"
She kissed across the firm square line of his jaw and whispered to him, shyness in her shaking voice, "Take me to bed, Gabriel. Give me a taste of scandal.”
Sarah MacLean, Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake

Sarah MacLean
“Ralston stiffened at the reference to the stupid wager that caused so much pain and unhappiness. He ignored Oxford's proffered hand, and instead met the baron's concerned gaze, and said, "Keep the money. I have her. She's all I want.”
Sarah MacLean, Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake

Sarah MacLean
“How is it that one woman is…enough…for three men?”
“I don’t know.”
“She must be a very talented courtesan.”
“Well, that was what she was. Wasn’t it?”
“How very fascinating!” She smiled brightly. “I’ve never met a courtesan, you know.”
“I could have surmised as such.”
“She looked just as I imagined they did! Well, she was rather prettier.”
Ralston’s eyes darted around the room as though he was looking for the quickest escape route.
“Callie. Wouldn’t you rather gamble than talk about courtesans?”
Sarah MacLean, Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake

Sarah MacLean
“You cheated!”
He looked at her, wide-eyed with feigned outrage. “I beg your pardon. If you were a man, I would call you out for that accusation.”
“And I assure you, my lord, that I would ride forth victoriously on behalf of truth, humility, and righteousness.”
“Are you quoting the Bible to me?”
“Indeed,” she said primly, the portrait of piousness.
“While gambling.”
“What better location to attempt to reform one such as you?”
Sarah MacLean, Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake

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Diana~ (Kiss Me Books) LOL are you reading this again?! I'm actually doing the same thing since I'm anticipating for the second book. *_* Hoping to get my copy when it comes out!

Adwina Ralston Cumberbatch yeah,, this is too funny and I just want to reread.. i'm waiting for Nicholas' story too. U wonder if the author's going to write about Juliana too?

message 9: by Diana~ (Kiss Me Books) (last edited Oct 19, 2010 01:34PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Diana~ (Kiss Me Books) Yes, that's the Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart one, lmao! I'm presuming that the Duke of Leighton will be her love interest. You know the one who she talked to in the book store and the girls were like he's not a good person because he judges others who are below him? Haha, yeah that one!

But I agree, Nicholas' story, I bet is going to be very entertaining.

Adwina Ralston Cumberbatch yeah!! I'm very curious how JUliana and Duke of Leighton. Especially in this one, his parents was a bit mean to Juliana. ah I love this family.. XD

Diana~ (Kiss Me Books) I know right? I'm really looking forward to that one. :D Too bad we have to wait till summer of 2011.

Adwina Ralston Cumberbatch agghh cant wait!! I hope their story is as hot as the previous two (or even hotter LOL)
i already love Juliana since the first book.. She seems brave yet fragile. Cant wait to see her chemistry with Leighton

Diana~ (Kiss Me Books) LOL, she's going to be a BAD ASSER-er version (yes, i just made up that word) of Callie! That's for sure. ;) I mean Isabel was tough... but a little bit quirky and annoying. *coughs*

But I think the story between Leighton and Juliana will be full of hilarious moments! Also sweet ones as well. :D They're like complete opposites of one another, haha.

message 4: by Diah Didi (new) - added it

Diah Didi Winaaaa .. kok ripiunya ada 2?

Adwina Ralston Cumberbatch hah? Apanya yg 2?

message 2: by Diah Didi (new) - added it

Diah Didi Ripiu buat novel ini dari kamu ada dua! Aku bingung tadi pas nge-like. Perasaan udah ngelike, kok belum muncul. Ternyata ada dua. Dirimu ripiu di dua tipe yang beda kali. :D

Adwina Ralston Cumberbatch hehe iya baru sadar..^^
soalnya bacanya jg 2 kali sih^^

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