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Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller
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did not like it

Why, oh why do so many people love this story? It was beyond disturbing, horrifying and just plain wrong. Yes, the author writes beautifully, but that doesn't make the subject of a child experiencing trauma enjoyable to read.

(view spoiler) There, I've told you the entire repulsive story.
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Acey Lagora I couldn't agree with you more. I'm also puzzled why a lot of people love this. Great honest review by the way. :)

message 2: by Rain (new) - rated it 1 star

Rain Thanks for your comment! I really don't understand why it is so highly rated. I wish I could go back and unread some of those scenes. Blech.

Thanks again!

message 3: by kari (new) - rated it 1 star

kari I felt exactly the same. Had I had any actual idea of the real content of this book, I would have avoided it completely. I felt like a bait and switch, that the book isn't about what it says it's about.

message 4: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Wow! Thank you, I am taking this off my list

Safari Spell Yes!! It needs a content warning. Including a sex scene was the wrong creative choice in my opinion. It was beyond disgusting. I wish more people had been honest in their reviews so I could have avoided the haunting!! GROSS.

Micha So, I agree that the story is repulsive, however I don't agree that she enjoyed sex with her father. I think she was so traumatized by it that she made Reuben up in order to survive it. She may have enjoy sex itself, but it is pretty clear that she needs to create the story that it isn't him in order to justify those feelings.

Micha Also, the content of that scene is hinted at pretty early on. I was basically just waiting for the moment where the author felt like confirming what I already knew.

Kelsey Anne I should have read this review instead of the book - does a better job of telling the whole damn story than the novel itself! I'm still reeling from the revelation and upset at not being given a clear resolution/ending. I never would have picked it up if I had known it would be about child abuse and trauma.

Danielle If you couldn't ascertain that the book was going to have disturbing elements from the first few chapters, then you weren't reading closely enough.

Also, you can find a subject disturbing and still appreciate the talent put forth by the author to craft the story. Not all tales have happy endings. If you want fluff and romance stick to genre fiction.

Llinos Westgarth-Pratt Why don't you just give the story away- thanks for that. I'm currently reading this book and I am actually enjoying it- I really wish I had not read your review today.. a "review" is not a "spoiler".. people actually pay for these books, perhaps you should think about that before putting finger to keyboard. I know everyone has an opinion and is entitled but please don't spoil it for others, you should edit your comment as it is unfair to other readers.

Nastia I think you are wrong to think that people read books just for pleasure. I read the story because of curiosity. I was curious about how can a mind adapt to deception, how can one stomach news that they are the only people alive.. how were those who were left behind live through it .I really hoped till the end that her father didn't force himself on her. I later went back and reread the parts where she began seeing Reuben. But even before that when she tried to imagine him. Something about them meeting felt off . He was exactly the way she imagined him , he was vague and evasive, he inspired her to do things she didn't have courage to do and thinking about it he stemmed from her trauma everything leading up to her meeting " Reuben" (who was possibly her alter ego or imaginary friend ) was extremely abusive and shocking to a person who was only begining to grow as a person at age of 8 before she was stolen. It sas overwhelming and i can see how and why she lost her mind. This piece of fiction of a person was created very convincingly ( in my opinion having read alot of literature and trying to figure out why people lose their minds). And because book was written in a way that is believable i think most people "enjoyed" for lack of a better word, or saw "value' in said book. Its not meant to be read on surface level. And I don't think it's as disgusting as most people call it because the whole book didn't not revolve around James being horny and plotting to rape his daughter. Unlike a certain Nobokovs novel we all know..It focused on physical abuse ,psychological manipulation , as well as victim mentality.

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