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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
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Oct 16, 2010

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Yo! Anyone up for ghost voices, foreshadowing dreams, and gothic suspense? How about a strange guiding light at the moors? Who is the crazy woman harbored in a room at Thornfield, an old country estate? Both mystery and romance characterize the novel Jane Eyre. It is the intriguing story of an unhappy orphan and her journey to find love, security, and family. The plot will grab your attention and so will the crazy, supernatural events that take place in the life of Jane. Check it oouuuuutttt!

Betsy Joy Barrett

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English315/educ510 Haha, I definetly hadn't heard Jane Eyre described quite like this before! I've read it before, but this review caught my attention right off the bat, nice job.-Jenna Avery

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English315/educ510 Good voice. Really captured my attention. However, if I was a teenager reading this I would probably be lost at "moors". *Elyse Swilley

English315/educ510 I have not read Jane Eyre before, but I have seen many movie versions of it. I think that you capture the creepiness of the storyline but the vocabulary is a little thick for teenagers. I believe that girls are more likely to read this book and my question to you would be how would you word the review so that it would appeal to boys too? Good job with the intriguing questions and voice!~ Jessica Cunningham

English315/educ510 Your intro makes it sound GREAT! Definitely a grabber for teens. You hit all the right notes with that.
-Carrie McGann

English315/educ510 Just finished Wuthering Heights from her sister. I really liked it, and from your description, it sounds like I would also like Jane Eyre. Good job.

Kat Holt

English315/educ510 I really want to read the variety of Bronte sisters books and your account of Jane Eyre makes me want to start there! ---Cheri Wood

message 7: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa Joyner I want to read this so much!!! Thank you for sharing
Vanessa Mullins

English315/educ510 I like that your book talk definitely pulled out the elements of Jane Eyre that high school students can most relate to, rather than talking about Victorian England. This is one of my favorite books and I like that you've made it accessible to contemporary youth culture.

Megan McDowell

English315/educ510 Haha...I imagined your voice while I read it! I definitely think high school students would relate to your not taking the book too lightly, as well as the story!

Lindsey Thompson

English315/educ510 Tee-hee. This booktalk makes me laugh...mostly because 'Yo!' and 'moors' were used in the same paragraph. I never picture anyone upon those proverbial, foggy moors using 'yo!' I think this booktalk would make teens laugh and feel less intimadated about a classic...unless they thought you were serious and 'trying too hard.'
Savannah Brasher

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