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The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
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Oct 15, 2010

really liked it
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First of all you should excuse me in advance since this is only the first ever review that I write not only for a book but for well whatever...and well also apart from that it's the first book I've read since at least ten years ago...and that's not all hehe,until now I was used to reading a different style of books...
Having a first view of the book I could tell that probably I don't belong to the "target group" that this novel is more suitable for...the plot and well Nicholas Sparks previous ones indicated that it's mostly women and especially young ages one that will most likely to be fond of reading it... It looked to have all those things inside that men are making fun of women reading...romance...nice landscaping...a young girl falling in love...and well too many thrilling moments expected that could cause many tears like always (judging by his movies at least...never had the chance to have a book of him in the past)
So starting reading it well it confirmed that his style is most like expected but somehow it was really really interesting...having each chapter based in each character's prespective gave me a total view of how everybody was thinking making it hard to turn off the e-book only when I really had no choice because I should deal with some other things of major importance :)
It surely contains drama,but much more than just that...there is no doubt that he knows how to write...has the ability of describing everything with such a detail that actually transfers you at the scene of the place,he has really nice dialogues authentic ones...it is certain that Sparks in fact studied the characters really well...Jonah,Ronnie,Will,Steve are talking with everyone having his/her own style really based to the age to the livings of every person...very smart lines,specially the ones were the young couple uses to tease each other probably the most amusing ones and perhaps a source of inspiration of every young one wants to flirt with someone in a nice way without provoking at all...just words to cause the other one to smile,not provoking ones...teaching the readers how to approach the person of the opposite sex in a sweet and innocent way :)
On the other hand of course this book has a bit of censorship...no swearing and cursing...by none of the characters though there are also some "bad boys" in the story that it's impossible not to have "non allowed" words in their vocabulary...no alcohol or drug scenes...it's like some american teen series which avoid to show certain things in order not to shock their audience...but ok in a way it's respectful
About the story well it's really nice to promote the idea of real love not only between a guy and a girl but the most fundemental one which is between a parent and a child and vice versa...how this love can grow...what it really means sacrificing things that you like in order to please the one you love... Sparks has the majestic charisma of dealing with things that really bothered each one of us...not knowing how to solve a problem when occuring...calculating any possible consequence of our actions...it's like he knows that every reader had to actually deal with a similar issue earlier in his/her life...
In my opinion the book reaches its peak when finally the turtle "phenomenon" takes place...after that it seems that everything is happening too fast...days pass by one after another...weeks..months...and though it still remains really fascinating to read it creates like a wish that it should more slowly so we should have had the chance to read even more...it ended really quickly so that's the main reason that I put 4 instead of 5 starts...I wanted more...hehe :)
Now I know how the ideal father looks like..the ideal daughter...the ideal brother or sister...boyfriend...girlfriend...friends...perhaps the only type of person that you cannot learn from how to be in this novel is mother...but ok it's mostly cause there aren't involved so much in the story...so in case you belong to any of those types...and I am sure everyone of us has at least a friend or and definitely has as well a girlfriend and a boyfriend...so we can all learn what to do...to picture ourselves being one of Last Song's characters..and hopefully not Marcus...
Hmmm the conclusion of the whole book...I should carry on reading books and I wonder what made me stop...novels like this motivate me for sure to start finding another one as well...and well with a bit of luck to make a better review next time... :p
Last by not least I would like to thank the person who made me deal with books as well and invited me also to join "Goodreads" and opened my eyes in many ways to reconsider things and how life should be...do everything based on your love to others..to your beloved and the winner will be you :)
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12.0% "So far so good...I just can't yet picture Miley Cirus to be the one in Ronnie's "shoes" hehe... doesn't fit that much :)"
37.0% "Quite interesting watching the story going on through many people's prespective...no idea it would be so easy to read while being at work...fortunately my boss isn't a goodread member and in case he is he won't be interested in this book ever and its critics and reviews as well... Ok let's make this "update" a mini novel by itself shall we,there's a bit of realism missing in the book,like it's censored a bit but nice"
42.0% "I hope I am not the only man reading it hehe cause it seems to be easier and more approachable for a teen girl to read it...but I like it should I be worry about myself...? I was carried away and watched the trailer of the movie making it really confusing picturing the characters of the book...Steve is the only one who seems to match as an actor really a lot,ok let's read some more,I do have competition as well:)"
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