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Runaway by Meg Cabot
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loooooovvvedddd ittttttt!
haha it was awesommee! Seriously these books were so much fun!!
and there are going to be some spoilers in here so watchey outey!

hmm... turns out Christopher was right all along,
I was so happy that she ended up with Christopher, they are so awesome together. I thought that she was being reeeaally stupid sometimes but hey, most teenage girls are stupid. No offence to any teenage girls out there because I'm one too, and i admit. I'M STUPID.
We usually all are when it comes to this love thing. Yeah I fell for a guy in grade 7 (just a crush... nothign really to worry about) and my "best friend" told everyone that i liked him, and as soon as he found out i was like.... crap to him. He was all you're a Lesbian!! hahaha lesbo. so then i finally said "I loike you you idiot, so your calling yourself a girl!!!" and that was the end of my short not so great almost love-life.
and the couples that ended up at the end. i was so happy with them!! Especially Nikki adn Gabriel. I love the whole oposites attract thing.
and Em and Christopher!!!
and Lulu and Steven!!!
did you know my name is Steven!! but with a PH. haha insede joke with my friends who are never going to see this review because they don't have a goodreads and it takes them 3 months to finish a 350 page book, and i finished this in 2 days and the other two in 1 night.
but seriosuly, i love these books. Go read them.

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Meg Cabot
“You know your Lamborghini is on fire, right?”
Meg Cabot, Runaway

Meg Cabot
“Bite me, Harry Potter.”
Meg Cabot, Runaway

Meg Cabot
“If it turned out Brandon Stark also likes to dress up as Strwberry Shortcake while playing croquet with his miniture pony collection, I totally wouldn't be surprised anymore.”
Meg Cabot, Runaway

Meg Cabot
“But things were different now. I finally had my head -pun intended- on straight.”
Meg Cabot, Runaway
tags: head, pun

Meg Cabot
“I'll put a bullet through my own brain. Let alone wait for stark to do it. Your sister will drive me to it, Howard. No offense.”
Meg Cabot, Runaway

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