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What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
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Oct 15, 2010

it was amazing

I won't gush how brilliant the book is as there are some seriously far-fetched weird moments and then there's the Granny Frannie's blog which is boring (I skipped all of those bits towards the end).

The reason I give this 5 stars is because for a semi-check/hen lit its a good read. Definitely something you would want to read if you want something light but with some emotional depth, some romance and comedy.

I like there weren't any obvious ultra villains. Everyone has their weaknesses and had done something which caused problems. No one is perfect. The book would have been better if there was more detail regarding the path Alice choose. Also the older Alice is a bit of an old haggered cow so it would have been nice to see how much remained of her really. Basically, the book would have been better (or I would have preferred) more detail on the ending.

I dislike books that give a very very brief summary of how a certain event occurs without detailing how. The book skips t the future, but it would have been nicer if we saw more of that future and what we had just read. If I want to use my imagination than I wouldn't read a book but create a plot in my head. Hence I would have preferred more tot he ending. But otherwise the book was a book well worth reading.

Some people say its like Sophie's Kinsella's book Remember Me – but I categorically disagree as Kinsella writes silly pathetic books with clichéd hero's and bimbo's (apart from The Undomesticated Goddess – which was a triumph). This book has much substance and depth.
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