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The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel
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Oct 14, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from January 19 to 20, 2011

This book is now one of my favorites. Very rarely in a book do so many of my interests collide.

The first thing I would like to say is that Auel *did* her homework. YAY!! I was so impressed with her level of knowledge on everything from the ice age, to primitive tribes, to Neanderthals (neandertals if you want to be picky), to extinct animals, to primitive tools and tool making, to geography, to herbal lore and remedies, to primitive religions and on down the line. Oh god I was in heaven. Not once, NOT ONCE, did I find a place to go, “Oh my, that’s not quite right,” and I went to college for this stuff! In fact, though it’s been a while since this book was published new evidence suggests that some of the fiction (I can’t say more cause it’d be a spoiler) she wrote into the book may well have actually occurred! YAY FOR JEAN AUEL!

On to the story. It’s so real, so *human,* that sometimes you forget that you’re reading about a species that was so thoroughly eradicated tens of thousands of years ago. The Neanderthal culture was beautiful. She took the known and filled in the gaps to create a culture that was vibrant and rich, filled with complexities, intriguing and unique.

Her main character, Ayla, is a full and rounded character. Though she has her faults you’d be hard pressed not to like, or love, her. So many times you get authors who give you a character who is a good guy or a bad guy or this or that but Auel filled out Ayla until she is truly believable.

The plot is in turns heartbreaking and heartwarming, but always fascinating. Sigh. I’m in love.

I would suggest that everyone should read this book, it’s just that good!

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Junkie for the Written Word Just went to read some of the other reviews. hehe. I'm the dork who wants more description!! I now believe this book was written for me and me alone as the parts that bug everyone else are my favorite and the parts I'm not too crazy about are what the others found redeeming! lol!

Junkie for the Written Word Jean Auel is an anthropological psychic.

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